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£100 Airsoft Mystery Box
Manufacturer Socom Tactical Airsoft

£100 Airsoft Mystery Box
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£100 Mystery Box

Take a chance and grab a mystery box today! Either for yourself or as an ideal gift. All mystery boxes contain items with a retail value of 10-50% MORE than the value of the box. The boxes can contain any amount of items across any brand we stock. Boxes come in £25, £50, £100 and our mega £500 box.

Please include any sizes for clothing, footwear, gun types (in case of magazines).

Terms & Conditions:
We do not accept refunds for individual items included or the box itself
You can not exchange any items given from the mystery box
All boxes may take up to 24 hours extra before they are dispatched
For the £100 and £500 boxes, it is advisable to include a UKARA number

Good luck!

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