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Full Setup TM Scar/vsr10, We glock oshiboom ect…..

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20230221 155016
20230221 155314
20230221 155304
20230221 155239
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The time has come to sell all my airsoft stuff just don’t fetch time to do it any more. just seems a shame for it all just to be sat there.

Tokyo Marui Scar-L Flat Dark Earth Recoil Next Gen
Upgrades Include (Prometheus Air Nozzle, Prometheus purple hopup rubber and nub, EagleSix m100 Upgrade spring)
large gunbag with also mag storage
Genuine TM x6 mags all with automatic stop function.
x3 lipo charger
Pinty Optic
Oden speed loader
Surefire scout torch (KE2C)
E4 Cube smart lipo charger

Tokyo Marui VSR10 G spec
upgrades Include (Airsoft pro Piston , spring, trigger siers; piston head, spring guide, airsoft pro hop up, barrel, black 80° maple leaf bucking)
x2 TM midcap mags(custom Magpul fitted)
x2 speed loaders
Pinty Scope
Gun bag

WE Custom Glock Gas blow back Pistol (NML589)
only used once and comes with box
1 Mag

Oshiboom Grenade with 3 shot base

Bottles of Bb’s 0.28, 0.45, 0.50
Green Gas
Skeleton foregrip
x3 yellow bands
x2 slings
Camo Cap
Camo Balaclava
Size 9 Black boots
ex military large Camo top
ex military 32/32 camo trousers
Viper Gloves
Belt with (dump pouch,Pistol Mag holder, grenade holder, ammo pouch ect…)
helmate with custom face mask
Nuprol tinted eye pro
Chest Rig (m4/scar mag holder , Pistol mag holder)
a selection of alen keys

Any questions please ask on 07729090256

I will NOT split I want all gone

  • Brand : Tm
  • Model : Scar next gen recoil
  • Condition : Fair
  • Can Item be collected? : Yes
  • Will you Post? : No
Gunby road Orby Skegness ,Pe245ht,East Midlands,England