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IMG 20220718 195217
IMG 20220718 195129
IMG 20220718 195119
IMG 20220718 195113

Make: S&T

Gun/Model: PPSH

Accessories: 4 mags

Condition: used

FPS: 300 on a .2g

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no/no/no

Price/Payment: £240

Pictures: yes

I am changing my loadouts. Only reason for the sale.


This has been used alot. Probably 20k rounds through it in my ownership. But the hop rubber has been changed and gearbox has been serviced with some new bits. The stock also has dings and marks. Nothing too deep.



Currently has the blowback. I can disable it so it can be put back in a matter of seconds or I can remove the piece. It’s really that easy if you know what your looking at.


The internals has been completely changed .

Stainless steel bearing spring guide – this has ment the original M4 threaded plug has been replaced with an stainless steel M5 cap head with 2 sized washers. The quick change spring is just as easy to get to as before.

Re-shimmed as best I can – gearbox is terrible for spacing

M110 spring

metal toothed piston

piston head – double o-ring

3/4 cylinder

cylinder head – double o-ring

13:1 SHS gears – see below explanation

ASG U-22000 motor

New trigger contact box

275mm 6.01 stainless steel barrel

Madbull accelerator red hop rubber

Original tappet plate and anti-reversal

Wired to deans


The gun has been shooting amazing but a little hot. Last game day I had to use .32g to get it under the limit.

On a .25g it was clocking 1.2j. so I had a play and took a few teeth off the sector gear to release the piston a little sooner and increase the ROF. For some reason I then decided to take 2 my more off. It’s now sitting at 1j on a .2g at 20rps. Although I’d recommend .25g. This is on a 7.4 lipo by the way.

I can put in a spare full teeth sector gear if wanted. But it will push it back to 1.2j I believe. Guess if you shoot .32g you’ll be golden.


Comes with a genuine repo sling

2 drum mags

2 stick mags

Some original parts

The battery I have is puffy.. I don’t really want to sell it with the gun unfortunately but if you collect I could throw it in.

Can post but prefer collection

Yapton, West Sussex.

The picture showing “moonmoose” is my forum name for zeroin, prefired, airsoft forum UK and used Airsoft.

  • Brand : S&T
  • Model : PPSH-41
  • Condition : Well used
  • Postage Cost : 10
BN18 0FX,South East England,England