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Upgraded Cyma AKS74U

20220915 131757

Selling my upgraded Cyma AKS74U.


Perun optical trigger.

Polished and shimmed gearbox.




Comes with 2 mags and the rifle.

Rifle chronos with an average of 349/350 fps so is right on the limit.

Because of the way the Perun was put in the semi and full auto are the opposite way round so gun goes safe, semi then full auto.


Can be collected from my house or from Socom Tactical, it also can be posted.

  • Brand : Cyma
  • Model : AKS74U
  • Condition : Fair
  • Postage Cost : 5
  • Can Item be collected? : Yes
  • Will you Post? : Yes
  • Postage Cost? : 5
Po8 9qp,South West England,England