5 Fortnite Tips & Tricks for Airsofters

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, on Mars, with your fingers in your ears, you may have heard of Fortnite. The latest hotness among the youth involves a lot of shooting and a lot of players! Fortnite is the most popularly played and streamed game right now, with even big names like Drake getting in on the action. In fact, Fortnite is so big, it’s even expanded its reach into the world of Airsoft!

1. Jump More

Did you know that jumping helps you avoid sniper shots? It’s true, see?

5 Fortnite Tips & Tricks for Airsofters

So next time you’re in the scope of an enemy sniper, simply jump, dodge and shoot them back! Video games have been teaching us this for years, it’s just odd that we haven’t learned this lesson yet. But as “Stumpy” Brian McKee once proved, you really can’t do rocket jumps!

2. Make Your Own Cover

Not enough airsoft players carry carpentry tools as part of their standard loadout. But, you really should consider it. Being able to build cover instantly has a number of useful benefits to you and your team. As well as protecting you from being shot, you can protect yourself from the rain, build a tunnel all the way to an objective, or waste the weekend building giant statues like you’re playing Minecraft!

5 Fortnite Tips & Tricks for Airsofters

3. Friendship is Magic

As a Battle Royale game, Fortnite is easier if you team up with your squad. After all, it’s easier to kill everyone when someone is watching your back. Airsoft is all about tactics and teamwork and Fortnite is the same. So whether you’re trying to take on the world, or hold your own against waves of Husks, friendship and teamwork will see you through!

5 Fortnite Tips & Tricks for Airsofters

Just be careful not to lock them out of your treehouse when building cover…

4. “Git Gud”

5 Fortnite Tips & Tricks for Airsofters

You’re not going to be the best if you don’t practice practice practice! With millions of concurrent players racking up literal weeks of time in the game, the skill level of players is increasing at an amazing rate. So if you want to pull off some amazing airsoft skillshots, you need to get out there every weekend.

5. Dance!

There isn’t enough dancing in airsoft, simple as that! It’s okay to take a break from super serious realism and just have fun. Because that’s what you’re there to do: Have fun! So take the time to celebrate your wins and console your friends when you lose with a pick-me-up boogie.

5 Fortnite Tips & Tricks for Airsofters

Sure, it might be hard to “floss” in all your gear, but do your best!

Translating these tips and tricks from Fortnite to Airsoft will make you better, funnier and more handsome at your next airsoft skirmish!

… maybe.

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