5 Common Airsofting Mistakes

5 Common Airsofting Mistakes

So you’re new to airsofting? Or maybe you’re an old salt that’s picked up some bad habits on the battlefield? Make sure you avoid these classic airsoft mistakes…

1. Wasting Ammo

Reality check: You are NOT Rambo.


Obviously no one is going to be a crack shot after 15 minutes of holding an airsoft gun, but the spray and pray approach is not going to compensate. Also, just because your AEG rifle has an auto-fire setting, doesn’t mean you have to use it. Running out of ammo after 45mins will result in some very dull games for you and some very difficult games for your team because they’ll be one gun down.

Exercise some fire discipline. Aim carefully and semi-auto fire one round per second for sustained fire. This will help preserve your ammo, while maintaining an effective rate of fire against your opponents.

2. Not Taking Cover

Reality check: You are NOT John Matrix.


In airsoft, people will shoot you. If you don’t take cover it will be easy for people to shoot you. In addition to hurting, this will mean you’ll spend a lovely afternoon wandering back and forth between respawn areas.

Get behind something and stay low. Taking cover keeps you in the action for longer and can give you the element of surprise. The only part of you that should ever be visible to your opponent’s fire is the minimum necessary to effectively fire your airsoft gun. If you can move completely under cover between two or more separate firing positions so much the better.

3. Over Preparing

Reality check: You are NOT Nicholas Angel.


You aren’t taking on villages of crazy old people and the N.W.A. If you’re new to airsofting, getting familiar with your gear is very important. The easiest way to do this is to just kit yourself out with the essentials and build up from there. A weekend of airsofting is much more physically demanding than you might think, so don’t bring anything more than you’re prepared to carry.

4. Going It Alone

Reality check: You are NOT Terminator

You are not an unstoppable killing machine. Airsoft is an exercise in teamwork and tactics. You need to be a team player if you want to have a successful and enjoyable time airsofting.

5. Not Taking Care of Your Gear

Reality Check: You are NOT in The Matrix (or are you…?)


You can’t just grab a new airsoft gun off the shelf when you head out to airsoft. Airsoft guns are one of the biggest investments for this hobby. To get the most out of your investment and top performance in the field, make sure you clean and maintain your gear. Not only will regular maintenance make your guns last longer, but you’ll become more familiar and comfortable with them through frequent handling.

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