5 Common Mistakes of Airsoft Beginners

Top 5 Airsoft Mistakes

We were all the new guy at one point. We have all been there. Standing on the field in our tracksuit and trainers with a hire G36 in hand, mesh mask on and listening to the safety brief thinking “Blind fire…. What the hell is that?!”. I’m sure now we are looking back on those days like they were a distant memory – Just like shaking hands, meeting people down the pub or speaking to mates face to face! We are going to take a look at 5 mistakes that airsoft beginners should try to avoid.  

  1. Wait Wait Wait So you have just played your first game of airsoft and you loved every minute of it. The comradery, the stories in the safe zone, the adrenalin, shouting “get to da choppa” every time someone mentioned the downed helicopter on the site. So you have decided that this is the hobby for you and you want to jump into it with both feet – STOP! WAIT! Don’t go out and buy the first RIF you see in-store or online with a starter bundle label and order it as two-tone. Work with the site that you have been too and complete your site membership. It’s only two more visits along with the one you have just completed. Once you have your defence this will then enable you to purchase any RIF you heart desirers in any colour you like – Pink is also an option!

2. Buy short, Buy Twice So you have finally got your defence and you are off to your local airsoft shop to buy your first RIF. You take your hard-earned cash into the store and start to browse the shelves. I know what you are thinking “Hmm I could get that pistol for £80 and still be well under budget”. You need to think about how useful that pistol is going to be. If you are a player that just wants to run a pistol then fill your boots but don’t forget you are going to have very limited ammo so you will need extra mags (and those gas mags are not cheap!). You are going to need to take into account the temperature of the environment as well (due to gas guns being temperature sensitive).It would be a much better choice to go for a rifle or carbine. Something like an AR15, M4, AK, G3 or even an Aug if you are a bullpup fan. A good budget for a starter rifle will be in the region of £120 to £180 and this should set you up to be able to keep pace in any game you get stuck into. It’s worth not scrimping on your first rifle – that’s not to say that you need to drop a month’s wages on it but at the same time it’s worth getting something that is going to last and grow with you as you enter the hobby. 

  1. Eye Eye! The is the most important thing of all when it comes to getting into airsoft. Eye Protection. Currently, on the NHS there is no replacement for the MK1 eyeball so you need to take care of the pair you have. You can often see players on the field with thousands of pounds worth of kit on including RIF upgraded to the highest level, Comms equipment that a military unit would be proud of and night vision that is worth more than my car and yet… they are wearing a £10 pair of eye protection from eBay.

Take care of your eye protection first! Good eye protection can range from £30 to £200. Get the best you can afford.

  1. Give injury the boot! This is another area that is commonly overlooked. Most airsoft sites are abandoned or derelict and as such are normally full of slips and trip hazards. Although the site owners do a great job in making them safe and protecting us from harm they can not be everywhere at once. Even if they have just completed a site walk there is nothing to stop little Peter rabbit digging a hole in the middle of the site and then you sticking your foot down it whilst running full speed for cover. Trainers and shoes do not offer us the ankle support we really need when playing in these places. Make sure you get yourself a decent pair of boots – You can pick these up from airsoft or military surplus stores and they can range from £25 to £300 (Depending on brand and popularity). Again, Like eye protection, get the best you can afford! 
  2. Play the game

The reason you got involved in airsoft was to have fun. Try to remember that when you are arguing with your friends about what is better over speedsoft or Milsim. Make sure you are having fun and let others around you have fun in the way they see fit, whether that is in a pair of Crye Trousers or Leggins and long socks! Have fun, Be honest, stay safe and most importantly….. Take your Hits!

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