5 essential pieces of gear you need for airsoft

essential pieces of gear you need for airsoft

5 essential pieces of gear you need for airsoft

Many newcomers to airsoft spend all their money on their ideal weapon but neglect the rest of their ensemble. Below are five essential pieces of gear that every airsoft player needs.

Protective gear

If you have the right tactical gear, airsoft isn’t a dangerous sport. However, if you forego the necessary protective gear, a powerful airsoft weapon can cause a serious injury. You need to keep your eyes and face shielded from BBs. Ideally, you shouldn’t have any skin exposed.

An airsoft gun

With your protection sorted, the next most important piece of gear you need to participate is an airsoft gun. There are several types of airsoft gun; electric, gas-powered, and spring-loaded. There are also sub-types of each of these. Every option has its own advantages and drawbacks. Consult with your local airsoft retailer to find the best option in your price range.

Weapon accessories

A sling for your airsoft gun will make it much easier to carry around, especially if you are carrying more than one. You can also find scopes, laser sights, and other accessories designed to assist your accuracy. If you are expecting to play in the dark, a flashlight can also provide a tactical advantage. It will give your position away but can also disorient other players.


It would be quite embarrassing to turn up to your next airsoft game with the guns and gear but no ammo. Not all airsoft weapons take the same ammo. Some shoot plastic pellets; others shoot metal BBs. Make sure you are buying the right type of ammo for your weapon.

The right clothing

Airsoft games can go on for some time. If you plan on playing throughout the year, you will need to find suitable clothes. In warm weather, it might be tempting to wear thin clothes and leave skin exposed. But you need to consider the possibility that other players have high-powered airsoft weapons. You should wear clothes as thick as you can tolerate.

Having the right equipment is essential if you plan on taking up airsoft as a hobby. In addition to the essentials listed above, there are binoculars, food supplies, and a host of other gear available to enhance your airsoft experience.

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