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Airsoft EGLM 40mm SCAR Stand Alone Grenade Launcher Black
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Airsoft EGLM 40mm SCAR Stand Alone Grenade Launcher Black
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•EGLM 40mm SCAR Grenade Launcher with stand alone holder.
•Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module for FN SCAR series airsoft rifle.
•Adjustable slide stock with butt pad.
•3 position collapsible.(Lenght: 555/570/585mm)
•Adjustable QD sight.
•Metal top and side rails for attaching accessories such as Scope, Flashlight & Laser Sight.
•Durable nylon fiber & aluminum alloy barrel constructed.
•Fast side loading.
•The grenade barrel can loading by left side or right side, it helps loading cartridge easily.
•Insert 40mm cartridge inside and fun to shoot.
•Utilize standard 40mm BB Shower such as King Arms, Mosquito, ANGS, MOSCART, Classic Army, G&P Cartridge.
•Excellent craftsmanship & very heavy built.
•Grenade Launcher suitable for AEG SCAR / ASC / MK16 GBB, Dboy, VFC, Echo1, G&G, Classic Army Scars and other SCAR / Mk16 / MK17 models. (Not for WE GBB Scar)


•Colour - black
•Weight - 3640g
•Full Length - 530mm (not extended)
•Stand Alone Holder Length - 425mm (not extended)
•Grenade Launcher Length - 300mm
•Material - nylon fiber & aluminum alloy
•Launcher Capacity - 1
•Cartridge Type - 40mm
•Package includes - SCAR EGLM Airsoft Launcher, Stand Alone Holder, Adjustable Sight, Stand Alone Trigger & 2 Magwell (Light & Heavy Ver)

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