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Airsoft Guns and Knives

Socom Tactical has one of the UK's widest ranges of airsoft guns, airsoft rifles, BBs and accessories in the UK. Browse our range of the UK's most popular airsoft guns in our online store. Our store includes airsoft pistols, sniper rifles, sub machine guns, knives and more.

The Best Range of Airsoft Guns & Knives

You can get your complete loadout at Socom Tactical. Whether you need an assault rifle, shotgun or airsoft sniper rifle, we've got you covered. You can choose from our wide range of sidearms from top brands such ASG, WE, Cyma and many more.

Need to make a silent kill? Get up close and personal with our range of airsoft knives. For the biggest selection at the lowest prices, choose Socom Tactical.

Choose from our range of airsoft guns, airsoft knives and tactical knives below

Airsoft Legality

Our website features all the leading airsoft gun brands, so you can be sure that you can make your choice from a great selection of quality items. If you are looking for realistic imitation firearms (RIFs), it is necessary to be aware they are only available to registered airsoft skirmishers.

Once registered, you can take your pick from a wide range of Airsoft guns which are readily available to order from Socom Tactical. We have found most of our customers start out with 2 tone Airsoft guns, as they can upgrade their replica firearm as they gather more experience.

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