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Airsoft Silencers & Suppressors

Airsoft Silencers & Suppressors


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ACM -14mm 145mm Silencer

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Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 119 (of 119 products)

Airsoft Suppressors, Silencers and Tracer units

Maximise your stealth and infiltration operations with an airsoft silencer from Socom Tactical. Whether you need quick detachable airsoft pistol silencers or flash hiders, or a full auto tracer unit with heatshield, you'll find everything you need in our online store.

Suppressors (or silencers) are attached to the barrel of guns to reduce the amount of noise and visible muzzle flash generated by firing. For airsoft, silencers can reduce the noise made by certain types of airsoft gun. In addition, the extended barrel length helps improve accuracy without the need for a barrel extension.

Pistol Suppressors

Airsoft pistol silencers are very useful for quiet and close CQB engagements, providing you with the opportunity to gain a tactical edge. They also provide you with the option for stealth action without needing to modify your primary weapon on the fly.

Tracer Units

Take advantage of the knight with a tracer unit. when combined with Tracer bbs your round will light up enabling you to see where your bb is going just like the films! Not only does it enable you to shoot quicker and faster but looks super cool.

Our selection of airsoft silencers and suppressors includes traditional silencers and muzzle flash generators. With clockwise and counter clockwise threads on either end, camo options and more, you'll find our airsoft silencers are reliable and fully customisable.


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