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Airsoft Shotguns

As a leading retailer of airsoft shotguns, here at Socom we supply the best range of shotguns for airsoft.

Our range of airsoft shotguns include A&K sawn-off shotguns, pump action shotguns and auto assault shotguns. Our airsoft shotguns are reliable and effective tools for a variety of airsoft combat scenarios.

Airsoft shotguns are situational guns ideal for CQB environments. They are designed to provide effective stopping power to individuals and clustered groups at close range. What shotguns lack in range, they more than make up for in CQB effectiveness. This makes airsoft shotguns a useful sidearm for many scenarios. Pump action shotguns lack the rate of fire of their more modern three-shot and full auto alternatives, but when push comes to shove, one good blast is usually effective in a pinch.

All of our airsoft shotguns have sturdy grips, 8-12 shot capacities and harness clips. Many of our range also include shoulder stocks for more reliable precision.

If you're looking to get up close and personal with your opponents on the battlefield, look no further than this reliable and devastating CQB weapon.

Check out our range of airsoft shotguns below.

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