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Sub machine guns

Sub machine guns


Airsoft Submachine Guns

If you're in the market for an airsoft submachine gun, you've come to the right place. At Socom Tactical, we stock the widest range of submachine guns and offer the best service and competitive prices.

Our range of airsoft submachine guns includes the bulk of the MP5 series, AM-015 CQB submachine guns and much more. Compact, effective and with a decent rate of fire, airsoft submachine guns are one of the most popular types of airsoft gun available.

Airsoft submachine guns are versatile and reliable guns that are great as a primary weapon or sidearm. They feature a high rate of fire, so carrying extra magazines is advised. Their light weight and relatively small size allow them to be carried for long periods of time, which is very useful for weekend-long events. The range of an airsoft submachine gun varies from close to mid, making them equally as useful in CQB scenarios as they are in the open. Mastering the versatility of the submachine gun is key to your success.

Our airsoft submachine guns are available with gas blowback and electric firing systems. Each gun is built of robust metal and plastic and are easily modifiable with shoulder stocks, sights etc. Easy to clean and upgrade, our airsoft submachine guns are great choices for first time players and veterans alike.

Check out our range of airsoft submachine guns below.

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