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Support weapons

Support weapons


Airsoft Support Weapons

As a leading retailer in the UK for airsoft guns and accessories, we offer the best range of support weapons and accessories. For the most effective LMGs, check out our wide selection.

Support weapons in airsoft are AEGs (full auto airsoft guns) with large magazines, designed to provide covering fire and other tactical advantages. Whether you need to lay on some suppressing fire, pressure a capture point or cut off an advancing enemy, a support weapon is the way to go.

Airsoft support weapons form the backbone of a squad and are best used in conjunction with squad tactics. While they do have a great rate of fire and range, the tactic for hitting people with a support weapon is to 'spray and pray' rather than take a single, accurate shot. Their size and weight mean that they are best left in one position, making them great for defence, but less useful on offence. One squad member, carefully positioned, with a support gun and a barrel of BBs can hold off an oncoming force all night long. However, when it comes to advancing, a support weapon can be a liability. An effective sidearm is a great way to balance the drawbacks of this essential squad weapon.

Most support weapons are AEGs. As such, they often have huge ammo drums capable of firing 2,500 BBs before needing to reload. Many guns in our range of airsoft support weapons also come with bipods for setting up defensive positions and flip-up sights for firing from elevated locations. Foldable stocks complete the setup, giving you greater comfort and more accurate lines of fire.

Support weapons require a knowledge of strategy, logistics and the muscle to carry it and your ammo around. Nonetheless, they are an essential part of a well balanced airsoft team for both defending your territory and supporting your allies.

Check out our selection of support weapons below.

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 products)

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 products)

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