Action Army AAP 001 the new must-have pistol?

Action Army AAP 001 the new must-have pistol?

You must have seen it mentioned somewhere by now! Is the Action Army AAP-01 the new must-have pistol?

Over the recent months, we have noticed a huge increase in popularity and overtaking the old trusty favourite MK23 NBB pistol.
But whats not to love these reliable pistols are at an amazing price compared to multiple other models and even takes Glock 17 style magazines Which I’m sure most people have owned a g17 airsoft pistol before.

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Action Army AAP 001 the new must-have pistol?


  • Power: Gas Blow Back
  • Nylon Fiber externals
  • 23 round magazine as standard
  • 14mm CCW external barrel
  • Ambidextrous slide release
  • Full range of Custom parts and upgrades avaliable

The AAP001 is a sure-fire perfect addition to anybody bit for both performance/customisation and price.

Check out the Action Army AAP 001 below

AAP Gas Blow back upgrade parts

Action Army AAP Upgrade Parts

Action Army themselves have released multiple spare and upgrade parts for your pistol below is a few to help upgrade and pimp out your new side arm.

Cow Cow Technology Upgraded aftermarket AAP-01 Parts

Cow Cow is one of the leading manufacturers of upgraded pistol parts originally well known for their high-end Hi-Capa parts they have recently expanded into Action Army AAP parts. Providing high performance long lasting upgraded parts. They seem to be releasing new products every month or so keep an eye out.

Genuine Replacement AAP parts

Want to Keep your pistol standard but found something has worn out or broken? Socom Tactical Airsoft provides a range of parts from standard AAP01’s these are normally stripped out of damaged or Dead on arrival pistols and working parts are added to our website.

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