AEG Simple Troubleshoot Guide

Out in the field your AEG may break down for the simplest reasons, but you may have no idea why. We’re constructing this post as an ultimate guide to fixing the simple breaks that anyone can do with standard tools and not a lot of knowledge.

Horrible sudden screeching noise? Not to worry (too much hopefully) it could just be the motor height has loosened and may just need tightening, this will likely require a flat head screwdriver if its a more modern design or a 3.5mm Allen key. See the video below for a quick guide on finding the best position of the motor disc.

YouTube video

Gun jamming up? Best thing to do is not fire it until something has been adjusted (wait for it…) otherwise it may ruin the hop rubber or end up tearing the piston teeth as well as the tappet plate (in lamens terms…that’s bad). Try turning your hop all the way off and aim the barrel down, if BBs don’t roll out the end not to worry, grab a cleaning rod, slide the thicker slanted end down the barrel until you feel resistance and twist until a BB or several pop out. If this doesn’t work, remove the cleaning rod and tilt the airsoft gun upside down pointed in a safe location and fire. If it is still jammed, refrain from firing and seek a technician either on site or at a trusted airsoft shop, it could be due to brand of BBs, dirt in the barrel or another cause. See the video below for the tutorial.

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Feeding issues? This could be down the magazines you are using, with high capacity magazines the tension spring may have broken and usually just worth buying a new one or if you are using mid capacity magazines then could be as simple as spraying silicon on the spring. See the video below for this guide.

Failing this, the magazines may not be setting right in your rifle, in which case adhesive soft Velcro in the rear of the magwell would give the magazines a permanent push forward and thus (99% of the time) should solve your feeding issue. Failing that also, please seek advice from a technician as the issue may be with the hop up etc.

Gun just stopped firing? This could be for many reasons, but for simpler reasons. First example could be a motor connector just coming undone, before anything, remove the battery to avoid potential shorts. If you unscrew the two screws on the pistol grip baseplate it will reveal the bottom of the motor (as shown in the video below) and there is a positive and negative clip for each tab on the motor, if one of them has slipped off just place it back on, screw the baseplate back on, plug the battery and fire. Make sure you are firing somewhere safe without a magazine in case the chamber has not cleared. Another fault is mostly with the standard Tamiya connectors, one of the connector pins on the gun or the battery is loose, if you suspect this is the case, gently try and push it back in or seek a technician for assistance.

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Loose or wobbly stock? Mainly for the M4 systems, the stock tubes from time to time get loose or wobbly and is easy to fix. Just remove the stock and get a long phillips/cross head screwdriver, put down the tube and tighten to the right. See the video below for any assistance.

YouTube video

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