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Airsoft Guns What is Airsoft

What is Airsoft?

All Though when asked its hard to explain Airsofters find it hard with out referencing paintball. Airsoft runs along the same lines as paintball but with the aim to provide a event on a grander scale and more realistic.

Airsoft Involved 2+ Teams competing to complete events or missions to achieve a target with realistic Airsoft Guns based on 1:1 of the real steel version.

In Airsoft you use 6mm Plastic ball bearings / bbs to try shoot your opponent and take them out of the game to complete your objective. 

Full Low down on what is airsoft here 

UK Airsoft Shop

Socom Tactical airsoft is one of the oldest and fastest expanding airsoft shops in the UK. We aim to provide the best products with new products arriving nearly every day.

With Most of our orders Shipped with in 1 working day as well as FREE SHiPPING on orders over £100 you will receive your new toys ready for your next airsoft event.

We are also proud to offer 0% Interest Free on all purchases over £300 allowing you to pay for your order from between 3 and 12 months (Subject to Status)

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How to Buy Airsoft Guns

Want to Buy a Realist airsoft gun with our having to buy a Two-Tone first? 

Its not just as simple walking into an airsoft shop and handing over your hard earned cash.

Due the VCR Act 2007 to buy an airsoft gun you need to have Valid defence to purchase as well as being over 18. This involves playing at a Insured Airsoft site for a minimum or 3 times in no LESS than 3 months

The most common way to prove your defence is with Site membership or being Registered on the UKARA Database.

Check out of guide on buying your first airsoft gun

Airsoft Assault Rifles
Airsoft GBB pistols
Airsoft Plate Carriers and Chest Rigs

Airsoft Assault Rifles 

One of the most popular items for all airsoft players a multi purpose airsoft gun suitable for all types of play, including woodland and CQB with increased range over pistols its a must have when playing airsoft. 

View Airsoft Airsoft Assault Rifles 

Airsoft Pistols

Airsoft pistols perfect up or side arm for when on events to swap to when out of ammo in the heat of the moment. 

All Though not great for a main weapon unless you are playing fast CQB it works well for a sniper back up or a side arm.

Check out our range of Airsoft Pistols

Airsoft Plate Carriers And Chest Rigs 

Perfect for holding your equipment and every thing in place with most Molle compatible it allows customising of your Rig to allow it to suit your needs with different Tactical Pouch to suit every mission

Each Vest Type is to suit your needs Want some information check out our blog on what will suit you Chest Rig / Plate Carrier or Assault Vest

Check out our selection of Airsoft Pouches 

Airsoft Pouches Molle
Airsoft Mosfets
Airsoft Spare and upgrade Parts

Tactical Airsoft Pouch

One of the Most important things on your Carrier! With out these its pointless having the additional weight of a chest rig or assault vest.

The Molle pouches can be used to customise your rig to carry the items you require whether it be a magazine pouch or a dump bag. 

They Can be easily added and remove to suit every game and different types of load out. 

Check out our Range of Airsoft Tactical Pouches

Airsoft Mosfets and ETUs

Airsoft Mosfets Can be one of the cheapest and rewarding upgrades to your Airsoft gun. Not only does it add additional protection to your trigger units and even gears on top of the range units, It also increased trigger performance as well as battery life.

We Stock a Range of amazing Mosfets from Jefftron,  Gate and Perun

Check out our Range of Airsoft Mosfets 

Airsoft Upgrade and Replacement Parts


Every Airsoft Gun breaks or you want to upgrade to get better performance.

We stock a large selection of upgrade parts from some of the best manufactures including Rocket, Maxx, Prometheus and ZCI 

Check out our range of Upgrade and replacement parts. 


Airsoft Lipo, Nimh and Li-ion battery
Airsoft bbs and ammo 0.20g 0.25g 0.28g 0.30g
Airsoft thunder flash and smoke grenades mk5

Airsoft Batteries

A must for all Airsoft AEGS, Available in 7.4v, 8.4v 9.6v and 11.1v and in NIMH, Li-po. Li-Fe and Li-ion.

Have a look at our Guide on choosing the correct style airsoft batteries 

Check out our range of Airsoft battery

Airsoft BB’s and Gas

High Grade Airsoft bbs Available in various weights to suit your airsoft gun. We stock brands including Proball, Valken and ASG 

How are Airsoft bbs made? Have a look at our blog

Check out our range of airsoft bbs and gas

Airsoft Pyro including Smoke Grenades and Thunderflash

Socom Tactical provides one of the biggest selections or airsoft pyrotechnics in the UK perfect for Airsoft, Paintball and Photography.

View our enola gaye product overview blog

Check out our rank of airsoft pyrotechnics



Top Airsoft Brands of airsoft guns and equipment

Socom Tactical are please to offer Some of the best brands of airsoft equipment in the word from some of the top manufactures. We one if not the biggest dealers of the Emerson Gear, Jefftron, Proball, FMA, Wadsn, Rocket, ZCI and Oper8 Tactical in the UK as well offering full Manufacture support.