Airsoft 7.4v Battery Li-Po or Li-Ion

Airsoft 7.4v Battery Li-Po or Li-Ion

7.4v Batteries are one of the most common voltages in airsoft and a good all-rounder working perfectly with all most all airsoft guns.

Most of our airsoft battery are available with both Mini Tamiya and Deans connector.

7.4v Lipo battery

Lipo also known as Li-po and lithium-ion polymer its probably the most popular composite of airsoft battery.

7.4v Li Ion Airsoft Battery

Li-Ion Is a new kid on the block in airsoft with starting to come to the market in 2018/2019 with prices becoming more appealing in 2020.

Lithium-ion batteries give high performance like lipos but with higher stability and capacity created with 18650 cells.

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