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Abbey Airsoft Maintenance & Cleaning Supplies


Abbey Supply Ltd started in 1975 by producing silicone based lubricants for air guns. Since then, they have turned their attention to airsoft, providing greases, oils, sprays and cleaning cloths. They have also developed a range of airsoft propellant gases that provide consistent and accurate shooting and performance.

Abbey Predator Gas

Abbeys Predator gas is their main line of airsoft gases. They have three different types of gas with varying amounts of lubricant and power. The lowest power one is the 144a Maintenence Gas which comes in a 270ml can and is ideal for rejuvinating and restoring seals on gas magazines. The medium ranged one is the Predator 144a gas which comes in a 700ml can and is ideal for non blowback pistols like the ASG MK23 or any Tokyo Marui gas blowback pistol in warmer weather. 3rd and finally, the Predator Ultra gas is much higher power and is recommended to use with metal slides like WE pistols, Cybergun pistols, ASG pistols, King Arms pistols and many more.

Their other type of gas is Brut Sniper Gas, this comes in a 700ml can and is the most powerful gas currently in their range of products. It is designed specifically for sniper rifles by giving you the full power in every shot, with a really dry gas release so it doesn't accidentally spray silicone onto the hop unit and rubber, rendering it useless.

Maintenence Products

Abbey Supply produces numerous silicone based lubricants which can be used for hundreds of applications in airsoft. Whether you choose the spray, oil or grease depends on how much constant movement the part in question is after. Abbey also make their lithium based LT2 grease, anti fog lens spray and barrel cleaning wipes for ease.

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