Benefits of using Airsoft Conversion Kits

Airsoft Pistol Conversion Kits

Airsoft Conversion Kits are attachments for your pistol which can alter the weapon’s feel, purpose and capability. We offer a Pistol Carbine Kit which can be used on G17, G18 and G19 pistols. You may be wondering what the advantages are for doing this are so below is an explanation of the main benefits you […]

Top 5 Airsoft Grenade Launchers

Top 5 Airsoft Grenade Launchers

Grenade launchers are a great weapon to target a cluster of enemies rather than an individual. They can be used for both close and long-range combat to engage opponents but some are better suited to dual combat than others. 5. S-Thunder Pistol Grenade Launcher (Metal) This grenade launcher looks very unassuming with its small size […]

Airsoft Weapons To Win Your Next Game!

Best Airsoft Weapons

You love the thrill of playing airsoft, but you’re not sure if you have what it takes to win. Just about anyone can enjoy playing airsoft, but winning is a different story. It takes skill and firepower to come out on top. Airsoft support weapons offer the perfect arsenal for taking your game to the […]

All Airsoft Shotguns

All Airsoft Shotguns

With 25 shotguns to choose from, we have compiled a list of all the shotguns and ranked the best one in each price range. £40-£59 Double Eagle M58A spring shotgun £45.00 Cyma CM351 Sawed-off tri shot shotgun (plastic) £50.00 DE M56B shotgun tri-shot 3 rounds £55.00 Cyma CM350 Airsoft Tri shot Shotgun £55.00 Stand out: […]

Best Value Airsoft Bundle Deals

Airsoft Bundle Deals Starter packs

An overview of our best bundles, and why you need them. Airsoft JG G3 Bundle Price: £245.00 Overall value: 307.00 This bundle includes an assault rifle and some extra equipment to complement it. Some of the equipment that comes in this pack is not available to buy individually from us so this is a good […]