Airsoft Finance Options

No money? No problem! Thanks to our finance options, buying your airsoft gun today has never been easier.

Here at Socom Tactical, we want to encourage more people to join the airsoft community. We believe that money should not be a barrier to doing the things you love. That’s why you can now get your ideal airsoft gun on finance.

If you consider your airsoft gun an investment, treat it as such. Simply pay a deposit of 10% or 25% on your order and make monthly instalments thereafter.

Finance Example:


Explore your finance options with our credit loan calculator. With 12 months 0% interest and as little as 10% upfront deposit, buying your airsoft gun has never been easier.

Find out more with this calculator:


About Omni Capital

Airsoft Finance Options

Our finance options are brought to you by Omni Capital, a trusted and privately funded lender for independent retailers. They help us offer competitive finance on flexible and highly attractive terms.

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