19 Airsoft Game Ideas You’ll Love!

Eventually, it gets boring running around and shooting each other. Mix it up with a little variety to spice things up!

From Team Deathmatch to King of the Hill to Hostage Rescue, there are more ways to run airsoft matches than your average COD multiplayer match.

There are so many game modes and scenarios you can set up for airsoft. Whether you prefer a serious milsim, or something more relaxed, the list is almost endless.

We’ve outlined some of our favourites below.

Airsoft Game Ideas
19 Airsoft Game Ideas You'll Love!

Airsoft Game Scenario Ideas


The ambush team is all snipers.

The other team must make it to a set location along a road or path. The ambush team must choose an attack point somewhere along the route and execute the ambush.

The defending team must survive to the Safe Zone or eliminate the ambush team.

Bomb Squad

One team is the bomb squad and their objective is to diffuse all the bombs planted by the other team. The other team’s objective is to plant as many bombs as possible.

The bomb squad must find and defuse all the bombs within the time limit. The other team must prevent the bomb squad from diffusing the bombs.

Capture the Flag

Teams play against each other and try to take the other team’s flag or flags back to their own base. This game can be played in two variants: “Live Flag” or “Dead Flag”.

In Live Flag the flag is dropped if the Flag carrier is shot, and another player can pick the flag up.

In “Dead Flag” the Flag carrier has to return the Flag to the enemy’s base upon elimination before the Flag can be taken again. You can play multi rounds of capture the flag, or one game/round.


Host any other game scenario indoors. It’s a lot of fun to do at night. Remember to keep an eye on your MED, as Adam discovered!


In this game, there are two bases, and an “explosive charge”. The charge is placed in the middle of the field between the two bases. One team begins in each base.

The goal is to take the charge of the enemy’s base. When the charge reaches the enemy’s base and remains untouched by the enemy for 2 minutes (depending on rules), the enemy loses.

If the charge carrier is eliminated anyone can pick up the charge.

Airsoft Games
19 Airsoft Game Ideas You'll Love!


Best played on airsoft sites with distinct areas that can be designated as Capture Points. Place a team flag at each Capture Point. Teams must take and hold the Capture Point.

The first team to take control of every Capture Point wins.


One team has to escort an unarmed (or in some cases, a very lightly armed) person to a certain location or objective point to win. There is another team who tries to kill the escort or the whole team.

Enemy Lines

Have a very small team and a very large team. The small team start surrounded by the large team and is “behind enemy lines”. Their objective is to reach the edge of their own territory or Safe Zone. The small team cannot respawn.

The large team are the enemy and must seek out and destroy the small team. The large team can respawn.

Every Shot Counts

A fourth of the players barricade themselves in a defensive position. Those players are only allowed one mid or low-capacity magazine to fight the other players who are as well armed as they want.

The players who have less ammunition need to have a very good place to defend such as a house, Bunker, Trench etc. Last team standing-ins.


There are two teams. Each team has their own fort with a flag in it. The goal is for each team to replace the opponent’s flag with their team’s flag. Up to three players can guard the flag.

Airsoft Capture The Flag
19 Airsoft Game Ideas You'll Love!

Hostage Rescue

Like the escort mission, except the defenders are in a fixed location and the attackers have to bust in and retrieve the hostage.


Start with two equal teams in a standard Team Deathmatch, twist! One team is “infected” and cannot respawn. But, whenever an infected player kills an opponent, that player respawns as an infected and fights for the other team.

If the non-infected aren’t taken down quick, gradually the tables are turned against the un-infected and they are overrun.

King of the Hill

Divide into two teams. One team barricades the top of a hill, and the other team tries to take it. Then you switch. The team who takes it fastest wins.

Airsoft Manhunt Game
19 Airsoft Game Ideas You'll Love!


Manhunt is played with two teams, the hunters and the hiders. The hunters start at one end of the playing area, while the hiders start at the other end.

The objective of the game is for the hunters to find and capture all of the hiders. The hiders can use any means necessary to hide from the hunters, such as camouflaging themselves or hiding in difficult-to-reach places

If a hider is spotted by a hunter, the hider must stop and remain completely still until the hunter walks past them. If a hider is caught by a hunter, they are out of the game.

The last hider remaining is the winner!


There are two teams and each team has a medic. The medic is the only one on the team that can revive a downed player. Each team tries to eliminate the opposing team’s medic.

Each team gets a limited amount of ammo. The game is won when either the medic is eliminated, or the entire team is eliminated.


One person on each team is an MVP, or Officer. Each team needs to take out the Officer on the opposing team while protecting their own.

Special Forces

In this small game, it’s sort of like milsim. A team of 4 is the Special Forces team. A team of 8 or up is the Bad Guy team. The Special Forces team must eliminate all Bad Guys in 5mins.

The Special Forces can use: M16, M4, MP5, M24, G36c, Masada etc. Bad Guys can use: AK-47, Sig 552, SVD, AK-74.

Airsoft Deathmatch
19 Airsoft Game Ideas You'll Love!

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch or TDM is a basic way to run an airsoft match. Spit into teams (not necessarily just two!) The teams play each other. If you get hit you go back to the Respawn point.

Keep track of all the kills you get. At the end of the match, players combine all of their kills, and whichever team has more kills wins.


This game is like Infection, but more authentically zombified. Once a player is shot, the player goes to the Resurrection Zone. Once the player reaches that zone, the player is now a zombie. The zombies do not get guns and MUST wear a full-face mask.

Once a zombie is killed, the zombie must return to the resurrection zone and continue to be a zombie. The game is won when the time runs out, or everyone is a zombie.

Have you tried any of these game modes? Have you got a favourite of your own?

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