Airsoft In the UK

Airsoft In the UK
Airsoft In the UK

The Start of Airsoft in the UK

All Though there is very little information of the exact start date of airsoft in the UK, By Guess it stared in the Mid 1990’s with select sites around the UK. At the start equipment was very limited hard to source with 3 or 4 retailers around the country, Now across the country there are 100’s of airsoft sites and retailers providing 10s of thousands of different products as international companies selling into the country.

Laws of airsoft in the UK

The laws of airsoft are pretty simple and unchanged since 2007 when the VCR act was introduced which stopped any one over the age of 18 being able to walk into a local shop and purchase any airsoft gun you wish. Since the VCR act 2007 came in a player is required to become a member of a insured airsoft site and playing 3 times in no less than 61 days, There are also other exceptions to this more information on the VCR act 2007 can be viewed here. Players over the age of 18 who have not completed the requirements can still purchase a “Two Tone” Airsoft gun which involves 51% or more of the gun being painted a bright colour.

How do i start airsoft?

Getting into airsoft can be fun and a great form of exercise. Alot of people are worried and concerned about getting into the hobby. There is no need its never been easier. Most airsoft sites are inviting to new members even if you turn up on your own there is all ways some one to talk to no matter if you are 16 or 60 you will find like minded individuals of which i personally still speak to friends i met when i first started over 20 years ago.

Getting into airsoft is easy! Simply find your local game site give them a call and get booked on! You can go on your own or with a friend. Nealy all sites have an option to rent equipment so there is no big outlay. Also if you are thinking about getting into it as a hobby remember to ask for a membership form and this will class as your first game towards your Site membership/ UKARA.

Where Can i airsoft in the UK?

Airsoft In the UK
Airsoft In the UK

Now has never been a better time to find a local airsoft site with 100s of games sites with a mix of woodland and CQB you are never more than a short drive from your local site. There are some great maps with a quick google like Airsoft Ranch Map which will pin point your local site. Don’t forget though a lot of these maps get outdated with the huge increase in sites starting so spend an hour and have a search as well as check out places like Facebook or and airsoft forums for suggestions.

Is Airsoft Expensive to Start?

Airsoft Can be as cheap or expensive as you wish. Getting the basic kit including a good entry level gun can cost as little as £250 with £400 getting you a pretty decent load out. Why not check out our airsoft bundle deals and starter packs. Want some thing a bit different? Get in touch and we will be able to build you a custom pack to suit your needs.

What is the best airsoft gun UK?

action army aap-01 gas blowback pistol

In the short answer There is no best airsoft gun its all down to your personal requirements and taste. Every Airsoft gun (RIF) has its good and bad points as well as brand every brand has its good and bad products.

Where can I airsoft in the UK?

Airsoft In the UK

Now had never been a better time to get into airsoft, With most places having a game site with in an hour drive. There are plenty of maps and webpages providing details on this site with multiple coming if you google airsoft map you will be able to find a site that suits your needs and game style.

Is airsoft expensive in the UK?

Airsoft In the UK

Getting into airsoft doesn’t need to be expensive first of all you need to start with basic equipment like eye and face protection but make sure they are rated for airsoft use not from your local market. After this you will just need basics like airsoft gun, spare magazines and batteries as long as bbs. Clothing and chest rig is not important till you decide what you need

Basic items you will need once you have decided not to rent any more.

– Eye and Face. protections.
– Set of boots with ankle protection.
– Airsoft gun
– Spare magazines
– Minimum 2 batteries
– Set of gloves! will not only stop thorns etc but also protect from those painful bb hits.
– Clothing (optional and not important) Just make sure you are protected from the elements.
– Chest rig / plate carrier to carry your gear (optional not important).
– Pistol (optional may find its hardly ever used).

Can a 12 year old play airsoft in the UK?

Airsoft In the UK

Airsoft has no certain age to start except by law you need to be over 18 to purchase an airsoft gun as a RIF or two tone. The age limit from then is down to the airsoft sites and there insurance. Typically this ranges from 12 – 16 years old but younger players may not be suited to close quarter CQB events.