National Airsoft Festival UK – AUGUST 28TH – 30TH, 2020

National Airsoft Festival

This year’s National Airsoft Festival will take place on August 28th-30th August bringing players from all over the UK and Europe together for a weekend of all things Airsoft. History of the event and what to expect It is one of the longest surviving Airsoft events across the world, having started in 2007 and has […]

Cost of Airsoft

How much does it cost to get into airsoft

Airsoft Prices – Prices to play Airsoft There is a lot to consider when calculating the cost of Airsoft. The question of how much you need to spend depends on how often you take part, what equipment you feel you need and if you have a desire to customise your weapons to improve performance. Getting […]

History of Airsoft

History of airsoft

The beginning – A brief History of Airsoft Airsoft began in Japan in the mid-1970s but the story starts before that. At the end of WW2, citizens were no longer allowed to carry firearms so they turned to buying replica firearms which, at that point, had no purpose other than to look like the real thing. […]

Global Airsoft

global airsoft

Airsoft around the world – Where can you do airsoft? Airsoft is a hobby that has made its way around the world. It’s reflected by the number of international Airsoft sites which are selling Airsoft guns and equipment. Europe Airsoft Guns The Airsoft Guns website caters for the whole of Europe but the actual Airsoft […]

What is Airsoft Milsim?

What is Airsoft Milsim?

What is MilSim? MilSim is the abbreviation for military simulation. This can encompass a broad range of events and activities, however, within the Airsoft community, Milsim is a term that has become synonymous with long (sometimes 30h+) roleplay wargames usually including the use of military tactics, equipment and organisation, as well as a number of […]

Top 10 Airsoft Assault Rifles

Top 10 Airsoft Assault Rifles

If you’re thinking of getting an airsoft gun, here’s a list of the top 10 models and their features. 10. JG Aug A4 AEG This is a simplistic rifle with an impressive velocity rate of 340-370FPS. This medium price ranged assault rifle handles well despite weighing almost 4kg with a sleek external coat that gives it […]