5 Types Of Airsoft Loadout Ideas For All Types Of Airsoft Players

Airsoft Loadout Ideas

Are you getting prepared for your next airsoft match but want to make it a little different this time? There are tons of airsoft loadout ideas that you can try to make your day even more fun!

One of the great things about airsoft is there’s room for all types of skill sets and play styles. Whether you prefer the adrenaline of a fast-paced CQB game, or you enjoy the more tactical sniping from a distance, you can customise your loadout to suit your play style., from the clothes you’re wearing to the weapons you arm yourself with.

You can stick to what you know and love, or you can try out something new – and we definitely recommend doing that! It can be really exciting to experiment with different loadout ideas and switch up your game.

To give you some inspiration, we’ve listed out our top 5 airsoft loadout ideas to try out and add a bit of variety to your game.

1. Airsoft Sniper Loadout

One of the most tricky and exciting roles in airsoft is that of the sniper. Not just anyone can take on the role! It requires a really good and precise eye, patience, practice and, of course, a specific gear setup.

Airsoft Sniper Clothing

If you want to fully submerge yourself into the role of a sniper, kitting yourself out with the right gear is a great place to start. Camouflage clothing will be your best friend, allowing you to get down low and blend into the environment.

A ghillie suit is a must-have for any serious sniper. The webbing of the suit will allow you to attach patches, leaves and other vegetation to further increase your camouflage if you want to get really into your role! You can easier stalk around and hide from your foes, taking them out one by one.

You’ll also want some comfortable trousers that won’t tear when you’re crawling around.

Airsoft Sniper Clothing
5 Types Of Airsoft Loadout Ideas For All Types Of Airsoft Players

Airsoft Sniper Guns

So, you’ve got the skills, you’ve got the kit, but now you need a quality airsoft sniper to make your loadout complete. Your weapon should be lightweight but accurate and powerful enough to take out targets at range without fail.

There are so many models of sniper rifles, from classic wood-finished bolt-action rifles to more modern, intimidating designs.

For a seriously stealthy loadout, we recommend the Jing Gong VSR 10 / Bar-10 Airsoft Sniper. It’s one of the most popular models from JG thanks to its texturised rubber grip, smooth bolt function and 400 FPS power output – and that’s just straight out of the box! This gun is compatible with tons of upgrades and accessories too, so you can customise it to your heart’s desire.

As well as your trusty sniper, you’ll want a pistol as a backup weapon for when the enemy gets too close. Opt for a lightweight gun that won’t weigh you down, but still packs a punch.

2. SAS Airsoft Loadout

SAS, or Special Air Service, is an elite military force with a history of performing the most difficult and dangerous missions. You can embrace the spirit of this iconic force by creating a realistic and intimidating SAS airsoft loadout.

SAS Airsoft Clothing

When you’re putting together your tactical gear for your SAS loadout, you’ll want to opt for dark camo clothing to fully embody the SAS. Blacks and dark greys are ideal colours, creating a truly stealthy look that’s perfect for darker environments and urban airsoft games.

Wear the Kombat UK ACU Assault Shirt with the Gen II Special Ops Trousers for a truly authentic SAS look. And don’t forget a pair of sturdy tactical combat boots to help you move quickly and quietly around the battlefield.

SAS Airsoft Accessories and Tactical Gear

You’ll also want to add extra tactical accessories to your loadout clothing to make it even more authentic. Look for things like:

SAS Airsoft Guns

The SAS squad are well known for its use of submachine guns (SMGs) such as the MP5, so you want to choose a gun with an intimidating look that still packs a punch. We recommend the Jing Gong MP5 A4 AEG for a great imitation of the real HK MP5.

You’ll also want a pistol sidearm for when the enemy gets too close.

3. CQB Loadout

If you’re a player that fancies yourself as a bit of an adrenaline junkie, CQB (close-quarters battle) is the game for you. You’ll be expected to prove your courage, speed and agility as you take on enemies in tight spaces.

CQB Airsoft Clothing

The key to creating the perfect CQB loadout is to keep it lightweight and breathable. After all, you’ll need to move quickly, and you don’t want to be weighed down by your gear.

We recommend a lightweight airsoft uniform and combat trousers in darker camo and colours to help you blend into the environment. 

And don’t go for too many accessories like backpacks or too many pouches. A simple tactical vest should provide you with the necessary pockets for your gear without getting in the way of your smooth movements.

CQB Airsoft Guns

Pistols will be your weapon of choice when it comes to CQB. They are lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and capable of taking down enemies at close range – exactly what you need for the fast-paced CQB field.

Take your pick from gas, spring or electric pistols – all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages for your specific play style.

For a classic pistol choice, the Evolution E017 Warrior GBB Pistol is ideal! It’s based on the G17 series from Tokyo Marui and is built with a metal slide and polymer frame. Plus, it’s gas-powered, so you can get some serious muzzle velocity out of it!

4. Cartel Airsoft Loadout

We think a Cartel loadout is actually one of the best airsoft loadout ideas! It’s a unique and creative way to have a bit of fun on the airsoft field, fully taking inspiration from a whole range of classic Cartels you see in the movies.

One of the most popular and famed is the Mexican Cartel you quite often see in movies and TV shows, such as Narcos or The Godfather.

If you’re a bit of an action-movie buff, then this is the loadout for you.

Cartel Airsoft Clothing

The type of airsoft gear and clothing you’ll want for your Cartel loadout will depend on which group you want to portray. Let’s assume we’re going for the Mexican Cartel look this time.

You’ll want to go for a casual jeans and a t-shirt combo with a black tactical vest and gun holster. The Emerson Gear 420 Plate Carrier in black is a great option here and is perfect for carrying your gear around with you.

As for tactical gear and accessories, a balaclava is always a good idea to help keep you incognito and is often seen in classic cartel movie scenes.

Cartel Airsoft Guns

There are no ‘standard’ guns for a Cartel loadout, so you can pretty much choose whatever gun you want. The AK47 is widely regarded as a classic Cartel weapon, so it could be worth considering adding one to your loadout.

We have a great choice of AK47 models from a number of top airsoft brands, like the SRC SR47 AK47 AEG or the JG AK47 AEG.

5. Recon Airsoft Loadout

A recon (or reconnaissance) airsoft role is a really exciting one that involves gathering intel from your enemies to feedback to your team and give you an advantage in the game. For games where objectives and props are involved, it can be a great way to get the upper hand!

As a recon player, you’ll be spending a large amount of your time in the shadows and camouflaging yourself. You’ll need to have great observation and land navigation skills, as well as stealth and communication.

Recon Airsoft Clothing

Camo is key here, as you’ll want to blend into your environment as much as possible.  We recommend lightweight woodland camo or multi-cam patterns to help you go unnoticed when in the field. The Emerson Gear G3 Combat Shirt in multi-cam is a great choice.

Go for a matching pair of tactical trousers to complete your uniform. Then, add lightweight boots for comfort and agility when you’re on the move.

Recon Airsoft Tactical Gear

One of the most important parts of being part of the recon sub-team is to relay back information to your squad leader about the enemy’s position and activity. A comms system is really important here.

You can choose to go with a communications headset or even a standard hand-held radio. However, a headset will give you better access to your guns and other tactical gear, so we think this is your best choice.

You may also want to consider other tactical gear, like:

  • Mask and goggles
  • Gloves
  • Binoculars
  • Pen and notepad
  • Night vision if you’re a night-game enthusiast

Recon Airsoft Guns

A typical recon loadout will include an assault rifle as your primary weapon for mid-range engagements. An M4-style rifle is a very popular option, like the Valken ASL + Kilo45 M4 AEG.

Customise Your Airsoft Game With Exciting Airsoft Loadout Ideas!

Whether you’re a new player or an experienced airsoft enthusiast, switching up your loadout can be an awesome way to give your game an extra edge and better suit your play style.

There’s a whole range of different airsoft loadout ideas you can try, from the sneaky and tactical sniper set-up to the fast-paced CQB player – and these are only just a few of the options!

At Socom Tactical, we have everything you need to create the coolest and most effective loadout for your next airsoft session. We’ve got it all! From airsoft clothing to guns to tactical gear, we have you covered.

Check out our full range of airsoft gear and get ready to dominate the battlefield!


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