Airsoft Plate Carrier Or Chest Rig, What’s Best For You?

Airsoft Plate carrier or chest rig?

Airsoft Plate Carrier Or Chest Rig, What’s Best For You?

If you have an upcoming airsoft game, the chances are that you will want either a way to carry your ammo, some protection from ballistic fire, or both. Of course, that is where the classic question comes in- should I invest my hard-earned money in a plate carrier or a chest rig? A question that we will help you answer below. 

Plate carriers 

What differentiates a plait carrier from a chest rig is its ability to carry plates for ballistic protection. You can think of a plate carrier as a form of body armour, rather than just a carrying device. 


What this means is that the main advantage of choosing a plate carrier is that it can help to protect you from BB impact during close-quarters combat. 

However, there are several additional advantages to choosing the plate carrier option over the chest rig. The first of these is that they look the part. The reason for this is that plate carriers have plenty of customisation thanks to the abundance of PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing space to play with, and the higher end visions even come with things like hydrating routing included. Additionally, those of us that like to play airsoft in colder weather appreciate the additional insulation that the plate carrier provides. 


Of course, there is some less beneficial side to using a plate carrier that it’s essential to consider too. In particular, a plate carrier can be a lot heavier, especially if you choose real plates rather than rubber ones, which means you will reach exhaustion faster, and won’t move at your top speed. 

Additionally, plate carriers can contribute to overheating in warmer environments. They are also far more cumbersome that chest rig, and can get in the way of any only LBEs you want to add. 

Chest Rig 


One the other hand, chest rigs are designed only to carry and do not offer any protection at all. It is because of this; they tend to be much lighter than a plate carrier, and so are favoured for airsoft players looking for speed and agility. 

Additionally, many Airsofters love chest rigs because they are cheaper than plate carriers and fit more comfortably to the body. They also tend to be easier to put on and take off, and you can add additional storage with an assault pack. 


That is not to say that a chest rig is a perfect option for everyone. After all, the reduction in protection that chest rigs offer leads many people to choose a plate carrier, instead. Additionally, chest rigs don’t quite look as ‘cool’ as a Plate Carrier, and you can’t customise them in the same way as a plate carrier. Something that for many players make a big difference to their experience. 

Final thoughts 

Essentially if you are looking for maximum speed and manoeuvrability, however, you are happy with a fixed platform, then a chest rig is your best option. 

However, if protection, customisation and “the Look” are factors you are taking into consideration then, a plate carrier should suit you well. 

Don’t forget either that when in doubt you can get some advice from your friendly local (or online) Airsoft shop. After all, as a specialist, an airsoft retailer, will be in the position to advise you on the best choice for your equipment carrying needs.