All New Jefftron Leviathan Evo3 Airsoft Mosfet!

Jefftron Airsoft Gearbox Parts

Exciting news! Jefftron Airsoft Mosfet has just announced the release of the improved MOSFET for theASG Scorpion Evo AEG Due to release April 2020. Below is some information on the new release Buy your Jefftron Leviathan Evo3 Airsoft Mosfet  Leviathan – EVO3 is processor-controlled mosfet with Bluetooth communication.It adds new shooting modes, controls RoF, pre-cocking, active braking, […]

Top 10 Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Top 10 Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Choosing an airsoft rifle is hard when there are so many options available. Here’s a list of the top 10 and their features, to help you make that all-important decision.   10. Ares WA2000 Spring sniper rifle (2020 model) Not the Cheapest in the box but one mean looking airsoft sniper rifle!  Weighty and bulky defiantly […]

Airsoft Weapons To Win Your Next Game!

Best Airsoft Weapons

You love the thrill of playing airsoft, but you’re not sure if you have what it takes to win. Just about anyone can enjoy playing airsoft, but winning is a different story. It takes skill and firepower to come out on top. Airsoft support weapons offer the perfect arsenal for taking your game to the […]

The best in Assault Vests and Pouches

What Tactical Vest or Plate Carrier

It can be a hassle to carry all the equipment you need around with you during battle. With the right assault vest and pouches, you can carry all the guns, magazines and conversion kits you need for a skirmish on your person with ease and in comfort. Assault vests 5.11 TACTEC Chest Rig (Black) This […]

JG G36c – The Perfect Starter Gun

Jing Gong G36c – £145 The JG G36 has been around for years and many like myself started of with one for their first gun, but lets look at why. First of all it’s and inexpensive, durable ABS plastic rifle with lots of potential for customisation, for example you can change the standard skeletal style stock […]