Airsoft Repairs & Upgrades


Welcome to our new online booking system for our airsoft repairs and airsoft gun upgrade services. We cater for brands and models of AEGs, Gas guns and Spring-powered airsoft guns.

On the form below you will be asked to fill out your details, an appointment date & time to book the repair in and details of the work you’d like carried out. Please only book one repair at a time (except magazines) to ensure we can track each one individually.

Please note: the booking time is just to drop the repair(s) off to us and will NOT be completed at that time.

You will receive a booking confirmation if we are able to accept the work. Please see below the booking form for more information about rejected bookings and other T&Cs.

Current approximate wait for repair completion: 2 Weeks

Testing in progress, please do not book anything yet


Further Booking information

This section is additional information about our online repair service

Rejected appointments

We may need to reject some airsoft repairs due to various reasons. This could range from models which are now discontinued and cannot source or replicate the parts, models which have been troublesome in the past due to poor quality control causing incompatibility with generic parts or not economically viable to repair (spring pistols, shotguns etc)

Airsoft repairs process

Once you have made your appointment, you can then bring us your repair to the shop on the appointed date & time. This will then be confirmed in-store by a member of staff and go into the queue of repairs to be looked at. Repairs are currently only being seen on Saturdays by one of our technicians due to technician staffing issues as our main technician works closely in an industry with COVID-19 and is unable to spare any time.

As the repair is inspected, worked on and completed, you will receive an email every step of the way to ensure you are up to date and informed of what is happening with your repair.

We will give you a phone call first if your repair requires new parts or further unexpected costs, if you are unable to get to the phone we will leave a message if possible and also email you with the information.

Booking in airsoft repairs

When you book your airsoft repairs or airsoft gun upgrade into the shop, please make sure you have your repair reference which is found in the subject of all corresponding emails to do with the booking and please bring any previous repair sheets or relevant receipts with you for any warranty work. If you cannot prove your purchase from us or previous work carried out it may be rejected for warranty work. Our repair warranty work will only cover the functionality of previous parts we have installed in the past 6 months, we will not cover other part failures as we inspect the integrity of every part at the time of disassembly.