Airsoft Repairs & Upgrades

Current approximate wait for repair completion: N/A

Due to conflicting schedules with his main job, our technician is not currently available and therefore we are currently unable to accept repairs or upgrades. We are still able to fit hop-up rubbers, barrels and hop units as well as do connector changes, but please call before coming to the shop so we can advise what day or time is best.

Current rates and charges:

Labour charge: £20 p/h

Barrel/hop change: £10 plus any parts

Deans/Tamiya conversion: £3

Tokyo Marui NGRS labour: Minimum £80

Further Booking information

Airsoft repairs process

It’s as simple as bringing your RIF into store when we’re open and booking it in with us. We will give you a rough quote on what the work will cost including parts and labour, however, this may be more or less by the end. If our technician runs into unforseen problems i.e gears are stripped or gearbox shell is damaged which may cause the cost to significantly increase, then he will call you and inform you of the issues and the cost that will go with it. You can refuse the work to be carried out if it gets to expensive for that RIF, but you will be charged in full for the labour already carried out and putting it back together.

All of our terms & conditions will be presented to you when booking in your RIF. There are some brands we don’t work on due to compatibility issues and issues with sourcing propritary parts such as Nuprol, Umarex (pistols), VFC (pistols), Double Eagle.

Repair process and enquiries

Once booked in we will contact you with any progression whether it’s incompatible parts, incrased costs etc or when your repair is completed. When collecting or enquiring about your repair, please use the reference card we give you when booking it in so we can find it on the system easier.