Top Rated Airsoft Tactical Vests for Players Like You!

Airsoft Tactical Vests

At SOCOM Tactical, we understand that airsoft is a popular sport for people of all ages. Whether you are new to the game or have been playing for years, having the right gear is essential to enjoying the experience.

That’s why we offer a wide selection of airsoft tactical vests that are perfect for players at any level.

Our inventory includes a variety of vests for both men and women, so you are sure to find one that suits your needs. We also have options available in a wide range of sizes, ensuring that everyone can be comfortable while they play their favourite sport.

Thanks to our high-quality materials and construction, all of our airsoft tactical vests can withstand even the most rugged conditions. So whether you are playing a casual match or participating in a serious tournament, our airsoft tactical vests will help keep you safe and organised on the field.

If you have any questions about our inventory, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to helping you get set up with all of the gear you need to enjoy playing airsoft!

What Does an Airsoft Tactical Vest Do?

The main purpose of an airsoft tactical vest is to provide you with quick access to your gear without having to fumble around in pockets. In the thick of combat, every millisecond counts, and grabbing a new magazine from your vest rather than a belt or rucksack could mean a victory. 

Of course, a rucksack is very handy for items that you don’t need instant access to, but the vest simply provides more immediate access.

Socom Tactical Recommends:

This AVS, or Adaptive Vest System, is exactly what it claims to be. A fully adaptive vest which can be altered to suit any scenario. Whether you’re going into a fight decked out with multiple magazines, grenades, or extra gas, or you’re going for a more lightweight, low visibility aesthetic with minimal bulky storage, an AVS like this is a great choice!

What Should I Store in My Airsoft Tactical Vest?

The simple answer to this question is “whatever you think you’ll need”. You can store everything from snacks and tools to airsoft guns and attachments in a tactical vest.

There are a few things you should always carry with you, and that includes electrical tape for emergency repairs, spare gas canisters, and of course, extra ammo. You could even grab yourself a sidearm holster to attach to your airsoft tactical vest, along with a compact yet effective pistol.

Socom Tactical Recommends:

This Glock 17 model boasts great graphics styled on Marvel’s “merc with a mouth”. It fires at a respectable 310 FPS and can really help you out in a pinch.

What Is a Plate Carrier?

One of the downsides to airsoft is that getting hit with pellets can hurt a fair bit, depending on where you get shot. Most of the time, that’s going to be your torso. Therefore, instead of walking around in full medieval plate mail, your focus is on protecting your head and your core with a helmet and vest.

While standard airsoft tactical vests are great, for a bit of extra protection from those pesky ghillie-suited snipers, you might want to invest in a plate carrier.

Socom Tactical Recommends:

These will allow you some significant lightweight protection while still providing you with space to attach tactical pouches as well.

Airsoft Tactical Vests vs. Bullet Proof Vests

The primary difference between tactical airsoft vests and bulletproof vests is a matter of protection vs. utility. 

As mentioned above, your tactical vest is going to provide you with quick access to many different utility items as well as ammunition or grenades. Whereas a bulletproof vest, or plate carrier, will function more to stop the sting of being hit in the chest.

It’s worth mentioning that a plate carrier, due to its more rigid shape, can also allow the wearer much more storage “real estate” than even some of the best tactical vests, but with the sacrifice of some mobility and flexibility due to its extra weight. 

What Is a MOLLE Airsoft Vest?

These are a type of tactical vest designed to withstand tough terrain and harsh environmental conditions while providing you with quick access to your gear. It stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment and is a very popular choice for airsoft aficionados.

You can attach many things to a MOLLE vest from holsters, ammo pouches, flashlights, first-aid kits, walkie talkies, a canteen, and even D-Rings for weapon slings.

Airsoft Chest Rigs

As an alternative to a airsoft tactical vests, you could try something called a chest rig, which has a primary focus on utility and manoeuvrability. These rigs loop over your shoulders and around your waist, providing you with access to pouches located in the centre of your upper abdomen. 

If you’re running a more lightweight setup, such as playing a stealthier role, a chest rig could be the best option for you. They can fit snugly under a ghillie suit, for example, or allow you to make some quicker, tactical movements across the play zone.

Socom Tactical Recommends:

This chest rig also works really well as an affordable starter rig, allowing you to store essential items, as well as a number of extras too.

Airsoft Tactical Vest Accessories

For all of the airsoft tactical vests available, there are a number of accessories that can significantly improve your experience. Some additions can also entirely retrofit your basic tactical vest, changing up the way you use it.

Chest Rig to Vest Adapter Kits

This accessory provides the most drastic change to your vest. Used to convert a simple chest rig, these kits retrofit the rig to serve as a tactical vest or even a plate carrier instead. A chest rig to vest adapter kit is useful if you are always changing your gear loadout between matches.

Magazine Panels

The bread and butter of the tactical vest, these magazine panels provide you with quick and easy access to your spare magazines. There’s not much point in heading into a game with just the magazine in your gun unless you’re extremely conservative with your shots.

Airsoft Pouches

Airsoft pouches you can attach to your vest can be used for many different things too. Whether you’re storing some tactical snacks or some repair equipment for emergency fixes, a tactical pouch is going to be a very useful addition to most setups.

Combat Shirts

A tactical combat shirt comes in many different camo patterns, just like your vests. This provides you with reduced visibility, but they also contain a few pouches of their own. You can keep some smaller items in the sleeve pockets of these shirts, such as spare batteries, for example.


A sling can be attached to most airsoft tactical vests using a D-Ring, and this will allow you to keep your weapon available at the ready and off the ground while you rummage through your gear. A sling will also prevent you from accidentally dropping your weapon, too, during slips and trips. Some players also utilise a sling to stabilise their shots too.

Airsoft Vests
Top Rated Airsoft Tactical Vests for Players Like You!


There are many reasons why you should get a tactical vest of some kind, and there are plenty of different variations in both design and utility for you to choose from.

Airsoft tactical vests will provide you with some very useful storage, so consider what you need easy access to during a match and choose the vest with the options and flexibility you want.


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