What is a Airsoft Mosfet?

What is a airsoft Mosfet

What is a MOSFET? A MOSFET means a metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor. It is a well-known type of Field effect transistors(FET). It can be called an (IGFET) insulated-gate field-effect transistor. A MOSFET is commonly manufactured by well-handled oxidation of silicon. The device conductivity is determined by the voltage of an insulated gate which comes with it. […]

Patches, Patches and more patches…

We all love a good chuckle at the patches we see online, but now we have a great selection for you right at your fingertips. With over 150 on our website and more added daily, we’re certain you’ll find something to put on the front of your admin panel to jazz up your kit a […]