WE Pistol Manuals

Listed below is all the manuals for the different designs of the gas blowback WE pistols. Each manual shows you how to operate and strip apart the pistols, as well as an exploded diagram detailing each part number, just in case you need to find any spare parts For all your airsoft needs visit: www.socomtactical.net About […]

How To Use And Program Your IMAX Charger

In this tutorial we show you how to set up, initiate and program your IMAX charger for charging your Airsoft NiMh, LiPo and LiFe batteries. after the first couple of times it gets easier and eventually the process sticks. It is important that you charge you LiPo and LiFe batteries in a LiPo safe bag. […]

Socom Tactical: How To Load Your Timed BFG

In this tutorial we show you how to load and prime your timed BFG (Blank Firing Grenade) with a new blank. It’s quick, easy and after a few times it becomes second nature whether in the safe zone or out in the field. Visit www.socomtactical.net for any other airsoft needs   About Laurence KayLaurence is […]

Batteries: What’s the difference?

Heard people talk about NiMh’s and LiPo’s? We a have a quick guide here about the difference between these two battery types. One thing not mentioned was ‘LiFe‘ batteries, they are built up of 3.3v cells and the standard size is 9.9v. These require the same care as LiPo batteries due to the Lithium construction. […]

GHK Rifles: Exploded Diagrams & Part Numbers

It’s always handy to know your Gas blowback rifle inside and out, especially if you need an upgrade, replacement or even just a spare part. These diagrams explode the GHK G5 and M4 series to a point where every part is detailed and shown how they’re linked. The GHK M4 and G5 manuals are particularly easy […]

Socom Tactical Tutorials: How To Thread 1-inch Molle

This tutorial by Socom Tactical airsoft shows you in an easy step by step guide on how to thread 1-inch molle pouches and utilities to your molle webbing/vest/platform. This video uses Viper tactical gear as an example, but the 5.11 gear has a quick release molle system which makes it easier to move and change […]