Apps for Airsoft

Probably the last thing you want to do in a fire fight is get your phone out, but here are a few reasons why you might want to.

They say there’s an app for everything and that includes airsoft. Sure, you can’t shoot anyone with an iPhone, but there are a number of logistical apps on the market that can help you coordinate your strategies on the battlefield. Here are just a few of the most popular apps for airsoft.

Battletac Airsoft

Battletac is an app that allows you to track the GPS location of you , your squad and your objective. It also allows you to communicate with other users. This gives you a logistical edge on the competition as you coordinate with greater efficiency and can plan and execute strategies with better intel.

Battletac also allows you to draw or upload maps so you can customise an accurate impression of your battlefield. As an event organiser, you can create a map for your participants to upload and track every player’s movement across even the largest of battlefields.

It also has a function to note your status, whether you’re alive, dead, injured or off game. This offers an extra element of safety to your airsoft experience.

Personal Eye System

The Personal Eye System is a personal tracking, navigation and data sharing application aimed at soldiers, police, security forces, emergency services and others that need topographic navigation, tracking, blue force tracking, and common operational picture sharing. PES was designed by the active soldiers, as a substitute for a traditional GPS receiver, paper map and a mobile phone.

This professional system is also available as an Android-only app. While a demilitarised version, it still features the highest levels of accuracy and topographical data. While limited to pure location and topographical displays, it’s the best app around for being in the field.

Sniper Calculator

The manufacturers of PES also created a Sniper Calculator for android. It helps shooters calculate hold overs, and scope settings necessary for long range shots. While the app does cover a wide range of considerations more suited to RL sniping, this app has some application in airsoft.


Looking for a Battlefield-style experience in the field? Check out Battlemap. Formerly known as Overwatch (but was forced to change its name for obvious reasons), this app offers access to player stats, live voice-chat, in-game perks and controllable game modes. In addition, it features GPS mapping, like the other popular airsoft apps on the market. Available on Apple and Android devices, Battlemap offers an alternative airsoft experience thanks to its unique AR elements.

One of the benefits of airsoft is the opportunity to get outside and get away from our constant exposure to the digital world. No one likes risking breaking their phones after all, but there is no denying the potential of apps like this and how they could change the face of airsoft.

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