Become the Night: After Dark Airsoft Tips

Become the Night: After Dark Airsoft Tips

Airsoft night ops add a totally new dimension to gameplay. While already a test of teamwork, tactics and skill, airsofting at night demands much higher discipline in all these areas. Sneaking through the darkness in search of your opponents tests nerves as well as tactics. So, to keep you on the winning side, here are some tips for airsoft night ops.


Knowing your environment is a vital element to success in airsoft. Even if you are playing at your local site, adding some darkness turns it into an all-new ballgame. So make sure you adjust your gear to suit the situation.

Avoid black

Contrary to assassins, black is not a good colour for stealth, especially at night. This is because most of the time you’re blending into blue, rather than black. Wearing black turns you into a moving black blob and a very easy target.

Your regular camo does a decent job of helping you blend in to the terrain. Avoid exposing anything that shines and opt for darker versions of the colours around you.

Wear eye/face protection

Airsoft night ops can be more dangerous than regular games. The easiest place to hit a target is between the neck and the knee, but when vision is compromised, there is a higher risk of a shot going wide and hitting you in the head. To avoid taking a shot to the face, wear a mask for night matches if you aren’t already.

Night vision

The best way to overcome the limitations of the night is to deploy a bit of night vision. While by no means essential for airsofting at night, NVG or a scope can give you an edge on your opponents.


Now you’re kitted up, let’s talk tactics for airsoft night ops.

Use stealth

Just like every other match, use stealth to your advantage. Just because it’s dark, doesn’t mean you can skip on the fundamentals. Don’t create a silhouette, keep a low profile, move carefully, remember your spacing. Don’t be too reliant on the darkness.

Use surprise

While stealth is great, you don’t need to be quiet all the time. Night ops are great for setting up ambushes. When it’s time to light up the enemy, louder airsoft guns have the ability to sow fear and confusion in your opponents and can easily cause a rout.

Suppressive fire

In a similar way, suppressive fire is very effective in airsoft night ops. Not only can you better disguise the direction of fire, you can also better mask the movement of your other team mates as they capitalise on your suppression.

Know where your team is

In the dark, the last thing you want to do is shoot your team mates, or be shot by them. Maintaining a solid plan and knowing the location of your team is essential. We mentioned in a previous  blog that there are GPS apps available to keep track of everyone, but there are plenty of other ways to know where your team is. Use subtle, back-mounted glow patches in your squad colours to see your team better in the dark. For longer distances, dog clickers can prove surprisingly effective for nocturnal communication.

Airsoft night ops are a unique experience that we really recommend if you haven’t tried it. As we move into the summer months, late night matches get more popular, so find a local site and give it a go!

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