Best Airsoft Goggles To Wear Over Glasses

Thousands of pounds worth of airsoft guns won’t stop you from getting shot in the face! Only airsoft goggles and facemasks can do that.

But, if you already need glasses to shoot, you might find it hard to get the protection you need.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best airsoft goggles to wear over glasses.

First of all, let’s have a look at the options available.

What Are The Best Airsoft Goggles For Glasses Wearers?

5. Oper8 Twin Strap Slimline Mesh Mask

With its lightweight design, the Oper8 Twin Strap Slimline Mesh Mask is perfect for any player.

This lower face mesh mask by Oper8 has a centre steel piece and padded sides to protect your face and keep it comfortable throughout the day while still being effective at aiming down sights.

With four adjustable straps on the harness that can be tailored to fit the size of your head – standard, or smaller heads will find these masks more ideal than large bulkier ones!

4. Valken Tango Thermal Airsoft Goggles

The Valken tango thermal airsoft goggles are one of the most complete sets on offer with so many features and accessories included.

The lenses can be interchangeably used, coming in dual pane form for EN166 rated protection as well dark tinted yellow/clear combo lids to match any outfit or game situation you find yourself playing.

There are also prescription inserts which fit into their corresponding centres – they’re close enough not only look good but feel great too because this type isn’t boxy like other styles out there where pressure points may occur when fitted correctly!

3. Bolle Tracker Glasses

The Bolle Tracker glasses are perfect for airsoft due to their EN166 lenses and full foam seal around the eyes.

This safety eyewear provides protection from all mechanical risks, as well as chemical ones–making it unique in this range of sports eyewear!

The company offers ultra-comfortable designs with technical features such as removable adjustable straps that keep them securely fastened on your face during intense gameplay!

2. FMA F1 Full Face Mask

The F1 mask is an all-inclusive, full-face option for players who want the best of both worlds.

The soft flexible material allows you to hear more clearly while providing deflection points that will keep paintballs from getting in your eyes or ears when playing airsoft games on our field!

1. Bolle 180 Safety Goggles

The new Bolle 180 safety goggles offer an unprecedented amount of panoramic vision!

Wide adjustable strap, all-around visibility and compatibility with a respirator half mask make them perfect for any airsoft scenario – whatever the weather!

This lightweight yet durable eyewear also fits over prescription glasses while offering indirect ventilation that keeps your head cool in hot weather or warm on cold days thanks to its PLATINUM® coating which protects against scratches from misty rain without compromising clarity when you need it most

Choosing the best protection

Vision Protection

Protecting your glasses is the most important aspect of choosing your airsoft goggles.

You need to be able to airsoft in confidence, with full vision and the assurance that your expensive glasses are safe.

While metal mesh usually protects adequately against airsoft BBs, a point-blank shot may cause the mesh to shatter, putting your glasses (and your eyes) in danger! Despite the danger, some airsoft warriors still prefer metal mesh for its breathability.

This is why anti-fog measures and ventilation are so important to plastic airsoft goggles and facemasks.

Airsoft googles that fit over glasses
Best Airsoft Goggles To Wear Over Glasses


A poorly ventilated mask will result in foggy goggles, shortness of breath, effusive sweating and lots of loud cursing!

Poor ventilation is most common among plastic airsoft goggles with few breathing holes in them. The simplest solution to ventilation is to buy goggles with anti-fog measures or ventilation.

If you’re looking for a full mask to protect your face, as well as your glasses, you could use a mask with powered fans that force air through the interior. Not only does this ensure that you can breathe well, but it also helps to counteract fogging.


One of the biggest mistakes people make leading to the purchase of ineffective airsoft goggles is to disregard the straps. The straps of your goggles are very important because, lo and behold, they keep them on your face!

A quality pair of airsoft goggles should have adjustable straps. This allows you to adjust them to accommodate your glasses. The material used in the straps is also important. Some airsoft goggles have elastic straps.

best Airsoft googles that fit over glasses
Best Airsoft Goggles To Wear Over Glasses

These are nice because they help to ensure a firm and secure fit with minimal movement. The disadvantage of elastic straps is that they have more of a tendency to wear out and break.

The alternative to elastic straps would be straps made of material similar to the seatbelt in your car.

These straps may not provide the same snugness as elastic straps, but some airsofters prefer this, as it puts less pressure on their bodies. Tight elastic straps can cause headaches.

When it comes to personal protection, it’s always worth doing your research and spending the money.

Airsoft goggles will rarely cost more than the price of a new pair of glasses… and will never cost more than your vision. Take a look at our full range of masks and eye protection to find your perfect pair.

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