Top 5 Best Airsoft Goggles for Glasses: Tested & Ranked By Our Team

The only real way you’re going to stop yourself from getting a nasty airsoft BB in the eye is to wear proper eye protection. But what if you wear glasses? 

Well, you can still participate in airsoft skirmishes with the right pair of goggles. If you’re not a fan of wearing contact lenses (don’t worry, we aren’t either), then your only option is to wear your specs with some airsoft goggles designed to fit over glasses.

Luckily, though, there are some great options out there!

What Are the Best Airsoft Goggles for Glasses Wearers?

We’ve tried and tested some of the best from our range of airsoft eyewear and ranked them based on comfort and overall performance. 

Here’s what we recommend…

Airsoft GogglesBest FeaturesPrice*Rating out of 5
Bolle Tracker Glasses
  • Full seal with foam reinforcement
  • Ventilation through top, sides, & bottom
Bolle Rush+ Glasses
  • Anti-slip nose bridge
  • Customisable temples
  • Anti-fog lenses
Kombat UK Operator Mesh Goggles
  • Very versatile fit
  • Surround ventilation for maximum airflow
  • Great field of view in CQB or woodland games
Dye i4 Shadow Black/Grey
  • All-in-one face & eye protection
  • Industry-leading optical clarity
  • Fog-free lenses
Valken Tango Thermal Airsoft Goggles
  • Interchangeable thermal lenses
  • Prescription inserts available for custom lenses
  • Reduces fogging
*Prices may fluctuate with sales and discounts.

5. Bolle Tracker Glasses

bolle tracker glasses all

One of the most popular sets of glasses in our range is the Bolle Tracker glasses. Perfect for playing airsoft with glasses due to their EN166 lenses and full foam seal around the eyes, ensuring a comfortable fit.

This safety eyewear provides protection from all mechanical risks, as well as chemical ones, making it unique in this range of sports eyewear! The built-in protection filters UV radiation to protect your eyesight in the long run.

Offering ultra-comfortable designs with technical features such as removable adjustable straps that keep them securely fastened on your face, these are a great all-around option for glasses wearers. Choose from clear, tinted, and yellow lenses for a custom experience.

4. Bolle Rush+ Glasses

bolle rush glasses both

The Bolle Rush+ Glasses are a good budget choice for airsoft players looking for reliable eye protection.

The sporty design makes these glasses look really cool, but they’re just as practical as they are stylish.

The lenses have a PLATINUM coating, which protects against UV radiation, scratches and fogging.

They also have an anti-slip nose bridge and temple tips for a comfortable fit during intense gameplay. The Bolle Rush+ Glasses are also lightweight and impact-resistant, making them great for all types of airsoft games.

3. Kombat UK Operator Mesh Goggles

kombat uk operator mesh goggles airsoft goggles all

The Kombat Operator Mesh Goggles are the ultimate zero-fog option for airsoft eye protection, which is crucial for glasses wearers.

The wide-angled mesh panel provides adequate ventilation to keep your glasses free from fogging or condensation, no matter how much you sweat in the field. The shape of the goggles allows ample space for your glasses, regardless of your frames.

The flexible, soft polymer surround provides a secure fit on your face, keeping the goggles in place and preventing your glasses from slipping during intense gameplay. The top foam pad absorbs sweat from your helmet, keeping your field of vision clear and your glasses clean.

2. Dye i4 Shadow Black/Grey

i4 Pro Shadow Front 3Q

The Dye i4 Pro Shadow goggles system is the ultimate all-in-one face mask and goggles for any airsoft game at any level.

The thermal lens offers industry-leading optical clarity, providing distortion-free and fog-free vision even during the most intense gameplay and in poor weather conditions.

Because of the lightweight, small profile of these goggles, they’re best suited to be paired with smaller glass frames, so bear this in mind when making your decision.

The unique Dye Precision i4 system offers a range of lens options that are suitable for various lighting conditions and can be chosen to complement the features of your glasses lenses.

1. Valken Tango Thermal Airsoft Goggles

valken tango thermal airsoft goggles all

The Valken Tango Thermal Airsoft Goggles are one of the most complete sets on offer, ideal for glasses wearers and airsofters who play in bright sunlight, with so many features and accessories included.

The side vents help prevent fogging to keep the lenses and your glasses clear, even during intense battles. 

The lenses can be interchangeably used, coming in dual pane form for EN166-rated protection as well dark tinted yellow/clear combo lids to match any outfit or game situation you find yourself playing.

The coloured lens options are great for counteracting eye sensitivities or providing shade during sunny skirmishes. Best of all, you get all this in one neat carry case.

There are also prescription inserts that fit into their corresponding centres – they’re close enough not only to look good but also to feel great because of the lightweight design!

Can You Get Prescription Airsoft Goggles?

It’s also possible to get airsoft goggles made with your prescription integrated into the goggle lenses themselves. 

These are a more expensive option than regular goggles worn over your glasses, but it’s worth it if you’re worried about damaging your glasses or if you find wearing goggles over glasses uncomfortable.

It’s worth noting that your eligibility for prescription lenses in your goggles will depend on your eyesight and your particular prescription. It may be difficult to get the level of lens thinning used in glasses on some airsoft goggles.

What to Look for in Protective Goggles for Glasses

Airsoft googles that fit over glasses
Top 5 Best Airsoft Goggles for Glasses: Tested & Ranked By Our Team

When it comes to buying protective airsoft goggles, there’s a lot to consider, especially when you need your goggles to protect your glasses as well. We’ve taken our years of experience to help you know what to look for in your next pair of goggles.

Ultimate Vision Protection

Protecting your glasses is the most important aspect of choosing your airsoft goggles. You need to be able to airsoft in confidence, with full vision and the assurance that your expensive glasses are safe.

While metal mesh usually protects adequately against airsoft BBs, a point-blank shot may cause the mesh to shatter, putting your glasses (and your eyes) in danger! Despite the danger, some airsoft warriors still prefer metal mesh for its breathability.

This is why anti-fog measures and ventilation are so important to plastic airsoft goggles and facemasks.

Cooling Ventilation

A poorly ventilated mask will result in foggy goggles and glasses, shortness of breath, effusive sweating and lots of loud cursing!

Poor ventilation is most common among plastic airsoft goggles with few ventilation holes in them. The simplest solution to ventilation is to buy goggles with anti-fog measures or adequate ventilation.

Secure Straps

One of the biggest mistakes people make leading to the purchase of ineffective airsoft goggles is to disregard the straps. The straps of your goggles are very important because, lo and behold, they keep them on your face!

A quality pair of airsoft goggles should have adjustable straps. This allows you to adjust them to accommodate your glasses. The material used in the straps is also important. Some airsoft goggles have elastic straps.

These are nice because they help to ensure a firm and secure fit with minimal movement. The disadvantage of elastic straps is that they have more of a tendency to wear out and break.

The alternative to elastic straps would be straps made of nylon, similar to the seatbelt in your car. These straps may not provide the same snugness as elastic straps, but some airsofters prefer this, as it puts less pressure on their bodies.

Summary: The Best Airsoft Goggles for People Who Wear Glasses

Investing in personal protection, particularly in reliable airsoft goggles, is a decision you won’t regret. With costs often not exceeding that of a new pair of glasses and certainly never outweighing the value of your vision, it’s a worthy investment.

Explore our extensive selection of masks and eye protection to discover the ideal pair to keep you safe and your vision clear on the battlefield.


Can You Wear Glasses with Airsoft Goggles?

Yes, you can wear glasses with airsoft goggles specifically designed for this purpose. These goggles have extra space to accommodate glasses and often feature anti-fog ventilation to ensure clear vision. Always look for goggles with ample room for the best experience.

How Do I Keep My Goggles from Fogging with an Airsoft Mask?

To prevent fogging, ensure your goggles have adequate ventilation and anti-fog protection. Apply anti-fog solution or use anti-fog inserts.

Why Do My Airsoft Goggles Fog Up?

Airsoft goggles fog up due to the moisture from your breath and sweat, which condenses on the cooler surface of the goggles. Lack of adequate ventilation exacerbates this issue, trapping warm, moist air inside.

Can You Get Prescription Airsoft Goggles?

Yes, prescription airsoft goggles are available. This option eliminates the need to wear glasses beneath goggles, offering a more comfortable and seamless fit while ensuring your vision remains clear throughout gameplay.

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