Best Airsoft videos from YouTube

Best Airsoft youtube Videos
Best Airsoft videos from YouTube
Best Airsoft videos from YouTube

With the consistent growth of the Airsoft market year on year, it is no surprise that there are now a number of Airsoft videos on YouTube.

These videos range from someone uploading one-off recordings of their skirmish experiences to full-on channels delivering news and reviews on Airsoft products, as well as instruction videos for skirmish tips, gun maintenance and upgrades.

We have compiled a list of some of the top YouTube channels based in the UK and what they cover.

Airsoft Mike

Airsoft Mike was started in June 2014 and has since them amassed over 310,000 subscribers and close to 50 million views across all videos.

This channel reviews all things Airsoft from guns and accessories to headwear and gun cases as well as regular unboxing of new Airsoft gear.

Its most popular video was a review of the WE Double Barrel G18 with 8.7 million views; the first video managed a respectable 24,000 views.


Although w4stedspace is not specifically just for Airsoft, there are a number of instructional videos with the most popular ones being for people who are starting out in Airsoft.

The 128,000 subscribers and 22 million views over 13 years aren’t all for Airsoft but 5 of the 10 most popular videos on the channel are Airsoft related, with the top viewed video Starting out with Airsoft: The Basics / What You Need to Know – Beginners Guide garnering over 2 million views.

Airsoft CamMan

Airsoft CamMan is a YouTube channel that aims to bring humour into the world of Airsoft with close to 85,000 subscribers and over 12 million views altogether.

As the name suggests, one of the main types of video released are filmed Airsoft events but these clips are also used to highlight weapons, gears and examples of how well certain tactics or certain equipment works in practice.

This often goes hand in hand where the user either reviews a weapon and shows examples of its use or shows clips of skirmishes and then reviews the weapon afterwards pointing to examples.

This channel also takes part in the unboxing of new Airsoft equipment.


The MattTheMusketeer channel has been running for over nine years, with 163,000 subscribers and over 16 million views.

There is a mixture of skirmish event videos, gun reviews/first impressions, tips and tricks and ‘how to’ videos.

As well as the basics, the how to videos cover some more advanced tasks such as how to make your own Special Forces helmet.

Femme Fatale Airsoft

An extension of the popular Femme Fatale Airsoft blog with a focus on female Airsoft players, the Youtube channel provides reviews, unboxing, vlogs and gameplay with 11,000 subscribers.

Not only is Airsoft gear reviewed but events and shows are covered by the channel including Shot Show 2020 as well as the National Airsoft Festival.

The channel is not as active as some others in regards to the regularity of new videos but the channel and blog owner, Kelly Louise Hardwick, is a highly recognisable name in the world of Airsoft so you can be sure that she knows what she is talking about.

That is not to say that Airsoft videos and channels with fewer views or less subscribers won’t provide you with the information you need but these channels have the added benefit of providing news and reviews you might not know you needed.

These channels provide a good consistent source for new videos but it is likely that whichever weapon or piece of gear you are curious about or if you are after particular advice, you will find a YouTube video to cover it.

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