Best buys and bargains in our shop

  Best buys and bargains in our shop

Premium weapons and accessories aren’t the only way to go to improve your Airsoft experience and acquire the best gear.

There are plenty of budget bundles and special offers in our shop which offer good value for money with equipment that can still pack a punch.


Our two newest bundles offer a great weapon with a number of helpful accessories at cheaper prices than some of our other bundles.

Airsoft Valken ASL AEG bundle

Bundle includes:

– One of the Valken TRG, Tango, Mod-M or Kilo models

2x Oper8 8.4v 1600mAh crane stock batteries

– 2x E&C Mid caps or high caps

– Kombat UK Elite gun case

Proball 0.25g BBs (3000)

With four different models to choose from, this bundle gives you a chance to pick the particular rifle that suits you best.

All four models share the same features so it simply case of choosing the one you like the look of best.

The 8.4v for the crane stock batteries is an increase on the more common 7.4v batteries giving you the added advantage of your gun having extra power over others.

This bundle also gives you the choice between mid cap or high cap magazines; the mid cap magazine can hold less of your 3000 BBs (also included in the bundle) but does come with a speedloader to load the BBs in at a faster rate.

To top it off,  it comes with a gun case for your weapon which is easy to carry and contains four pockets on the outside to store your magazines in.

Airsoft Ruger MK1 Pistol Plinker Bundle

Bundle includes:

-KJ Works Ruger MK1 non-blowback gas pistol

1x Spare KJ Works Ruger MK1 magazine

1x WBD BB Catching target

1x Abbey Predator Ultra 700ml

3000x 0.25g Proball Bbs

This bundle offers a lot for only £85.00 and would be suitable for those new to Airsoft.

The Ruger MK1 has a simple lightweight design but boasts a velocity of 390FPS with a 55m range which makes it a competent weapon for use during a skirmish.

The 3000 BBs will last a long time for the magazine which has a 17 round capacity and when it does run out, there’s a spare magazine in the bundle for you.

The catching target provides target practice for you to understand the range and flight of your shot so that you can be ready for battle.

The Abbey Predator offers 700ml of gas to refill your pistol to ensure that the gun performs to its full ability.


You will find a number of special offers on our site on guns, accessories, clothing and everything else Airsoft.

With over 300 special offers to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best savings to be found.

For guns:

There are some real bargains to be found among the special offers as highlighted by the big reductions in price of the two WE pistols.

Some of these guns may be reduced in price because newer versions have been released but they still have a lot to offer and some can be customised to bring them closer to the newer models without spending lots of money.

For gear and accessories:

Carrying capacity needs vary from person to person depending on what type of weapon they have and what accessories they own so it is worth checking out vests and rucksacks for a bargain to get everything you need for as small a price as possible.

It is also worth taking a look at the items such as the torch and chronograph which aren’t essential pieces of kit but you may look to add to your inventory if you think this might give you an added advantage especially if the price is right for you.

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