Best Cameras for Airsoft

Best Cameras for Airsoft

Are you looking to capture great airsoft footage like this? Then you need to know which action camera is right for you. There are loads of action cameras out there that are compact enough to be used while airsofting, so we’re going to run through the best ones!

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Which Cameras are Best?

To capture the best airsoft footage, you’re going to need at least two cameras. One camera captures the first-person view, giving your footage that classic Call of Duty feel. The other camera is usually mounted to the rail of your gun, allowing you to better capture the shots.

You can also position cameras on site to capture multiple views and, with a little editing, create videos that are really high quality.

Speaking of quality, you can choose from a range of video outputs up to and including 4K. The quality of your footage will be pretty much determined by your budget, but for the sake of your overall content, use multiple cameras that have the same levels of quality.

The best cameras are rugged, easy to attach and have plenty of memory and battery life. The F60 4K Ultra HD camera ticks all of these boxes, making it a great all-rounder.

Gun Cams

Gun cameras should be as small as possible so as not to throw off the weigh and balance of your gun. They also get caught in underbrush and can get knocked about if you aren’t careful. The best action camera for airsoft guns are as unintrusive as possible. GoPro cameras are relatively large, so if they are mounted to an airsoft gun, they usually have to be mounted on the side.

Given that your gun cam is likely to get knocked around, you shouldn’t spend too much money on it. You want something reliable, yet rugged. For awesome quality content, pick up a zoomed lens too! This will allow you to get the best close ups of your hapless target!

Head/Body Cams

Head cameras allow you to capture a first-person shooter view of the action. Attached to your helmet, head cams are less likely to get hit or dropped, so you can afford to invest more money in a better quality camera. This is where GoPros really shine.

Alternatively, you can opt for a state of the art AimCam miniature camera. This unique camera fits to a pair of glasses to provide a perfect line of sight shot. They are lighter than a GoPro and capture footage in 1080p.


As mentioned, you’re going to at least need a mount for your camera, whether it’s attached to your gun or your helmet. How you mount your camera is up to you, but scope mounts can often be used to attach your camera to your airsoft gun.

You’re also going to need batteries. If you want to record a whole day of airsoft, you’ll need charged spare batteries. A portable charger plus two batteries you can swap out is the most economical way to go, because it means you aren’t hauling loads of batteries around.

Most cameras come with a memory card as standard, but you’re likely to need one with a bit more memory. Fortunately, memory cards are ten a penny these days some you shouldn’t have too much difficulty picking up a 32 or 64GB memory card.

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