Blowing Stuff Up! Our Favourite Pyros & Grenades

Blowing Stuff Up! Our Favourite Pyros & Grenades

Sometimes, subtly takes a back seat and you need to go loud. And nothing goes loud like an airsoft grenade. Grenades and flashbangs are an efficient and viscerally enjoyable way to disorientate and take out a whole group of enemies at once.

How to Use an Airsoft Grenade

Airsoft grenades fall into three camps: pyros, gas grenades and blank firing grenades. Pyros are the most common and use a fuse ignition to ignite the primary content of the grenade to make a bang.

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Depending on the type of pyro, you get different results. In frag grenades, the primary content is a form of firework which ignites quickly when the fuse reaches it.
This creates a loud bang which can disorient those nearby. Often, these small explosives are surrounded by soft projectiles, such as bbs or powder, to simulate the fragmentation of a real grenade.

In the case of smoke grenades, the primary content is known as ‘smoke composition’ and consists ordinarily of potassium chlorate, lactose and a colouring dye. This mixture burns producing a thick smoke for up to 2 minutes.

Gas grenades use a compressed CO2 system to create the explosive pressure, just like your under barrel grenade launcher. These grenades are filled with gas and then stored with a locking pin, like a real grenade, to hold down the ‘spoon’.

When you’re ready to throw, simply remove the pin and throw the grenade towards the target. The grenade, now armed, releases the compressed gas incredibly quickly upon impact with a hard surface.

Alternatively, releasing the grenade begins a clockwork ‘countdown’ which triggers the gas release after a pre-determined time.

Blank firing grenades use blanks, as in ammo blanks. As such, they are very loud. Blank firing grenades can range from using small 9mm handgun blanks to larger shotgun 12 gauge blanks, depending on the noise volume required or allowed.

These grenades work using a similar method to the above gas grenades and close to the operation of real grenades. The pin holds the spoon in place, which in turn locks in place the ‘impact’ or ‘timer’ mechanism.

When the timer mechanism or impact mechanism is tipped, a firing pin strikes the primer on the blank round and initiates the gunpowder reaction.

Rules for Airsoft Grenades & Pyros

Depending on your game site, rules for grenades may vary so always check ahead of time. Some sites, for example, require that grenades have no contents. This means that no one can be struck by flying debris.

Instead, it is ruled that anyone within a certain distance of the grenade is considered hit for the purposes of the game. While less realistic, it is a little safer than the unpredictability of flying bbs.

Other sites set a cap on the size of blanks (and thus the loudness) of blank firing grenades. This again is a safety consideration, but it is also neighbourly for anyone nearby.
The primary rule across all sites for grenades is this: Don’t drop it!

Best Airsoft Grenades

#3 TLSFX German-Style Stick Pea Grenade

TLSFX are one of the big players in the airsoft pyro market, producing high quality grenades and accessories. We love their “potato masher” inspired stick grenade for its classic looks and effectiveness.

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Blow things up like its 1945 with this retro grenade. In the world of realistic milsims, finding authentic-looking pyros is tricky, but this sticky specimen delivers on the looks and the bangs.

#2 Enola Gaye Field Frag BB Grenade

For a long time, Enola Gaye’s Field Grenade was the standard for airsoft grenades. With a massive payload, reliable design and great price, you’d be hard pressed to top this modern classic.

Constructed entirely from paper pulp with a clay BB pellet fill, this grenade is completely biodegradable. Designed to mimic a military grenade, the Field Frag BB Grenade is designed to  deliver awe. And explosions.

#1 Enola Gaye EG67 m67 Ball Grenade

Hey look! We topped a modern classic. The latest m67 Ball Grenade from Enola Gaye takes everything that works in the Field Frag and adds more.

The new EG67 m67 Ball Grenade offers players the enhanced realism that the frag grenade does not. This new grenade has been co-developed with the best airsofters in the UK; it boasts a similar size to the current issue grenade that is used by our military forces and uses a wire pull ignition.

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Best Airsoft Flash Bangs/Smoke Grenades

#3 TLSFX Thermobaric Multi-Bang Grenade

A superb pyro that is both effective and realistic. The TLSFX thermobaric grenade emits the same huge magnesium white flash as the standard grenade but is then followed by two thunderflash reports equal to that of a Mk.5.

To prime, shake it vigorously to mix the chemicals. Then, snap off the cap and light the fuse. Once its live, you have just 7 seconds to get rid of it, so know where you’re going to toss it!

#2 Enola Gaye Wire Pull Smoke Grenade

Enola Gaye Wire Pull Smoke Grenades are the world standard when it comes to smoke grenades. Their products aren’t just used in airsoft, but at festivals, movies and much, much more. The smoke grenade is easy to use and creates a thick curtain of covering smoke. Just pull the ring sideways and you’re good to go.

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#1 Enola Gaye Mk5 Thunderflash

The Mk5 Thunderflash is the one of our best selling pyros for a reason. When it comes to reliable distraction and diversion, you can’t beat a Mk5. Airsoft and Paintball players alike use the Mk5 Thunderflash to divert their opponents attention and expose their defence. It is a simple but very effective product designed to mimic the version used by the military.

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The effect of a Mk5 is a loud, high pitched noise effect. All you have to do is snap off the cap and strike it against the fuse.

Grenades are a vital part of the airsoft experience. They offer greater tactical complexity to skirmishes and give you the unrivalled opportunity to make things go BANG! If you’re looking for granades or pyros to take your airsoft experience to the next level, check out our Grenades & Pyros section of our online store, or visit our store.

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