BLS Airsoft BBs Now in the UK

BLS Airsoft Bbs UK

BLS BB’s UK Standard and Heavy weight

Socom Tactical is pleased to announce we have a full UK restock of BLS Airsoft bbs in the UK Ranging from 0.2g to 0.50g in both Bio and Standard.

BLS is also pleased to offer Tracers in both Red and Green Ranging from 0.20g to 0.28g in both Standard and Bio PLA.

A Little bit about BLS BB’s

About BLS Tiawan

LIEN SHENG PLASTIC INDUSTRY CO., Ltd (BLS) is established in 1991, initially for the precision grinding of jewelry, with the airsoft gun flourishing then focus on restructuring BBs production since 1996. BLS has fully automatic production line, the processes are injection, precision grinding, polishing and packing. The production of hundreds of tons of BBs every month and sell all over the world. We provide over dozens of products lines from 0.12g to 0.50g. BLS also offers high quality and Variety of customization BBs and merchandise design, production and package. BLS is your reliable and trustful partner and looks forward  to contacting you.

View The BLS UK Range here

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About Laurence Kay

Laurence is a keen airsoft player and has been the owner of SoCom Tactical for over 10 years. He’s played airsoft all over the country solo and as part of teams and is an expert on all things airsoft, like tactics, airsoft guns and gameplay equipment. As one of the UK’s leading airsoft suppliers and retailers, Laurence is the go-to source for airsoft knowledge.