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Showing 1–21 of 71 results


A low profile and slimline pistol mag pouch from 5.11 Tactical which holds two pistol magazines with it's strong elastic retention system

Rucksacks for Airsofting

5.11 RUSH 24 Backpack


The flagship RUSH 24 backpack is the ultimate 5.11 tactical backpack. Designed to hold all the gear you need for a 24-hour operation

Airsoft Tactical Rigs & Webbing

5.11 TACTEC Chest Rig


A light-weight and practical molle chest rig, the TACTEC chest rig by 5.11 Tactical is a great piece of kit for carrying minimal gear on the field and having it all in one convenient place

Airsoft Tactical Rigs & Webbing

5.11 TACTEC Plate Carrier


The flagship product from 5.11 Tactical. The TACTEC plate carrier is a great platform for any situation with molle loops on the back and front for any molle pouch. They have become hugely popular with CrossFit due to their universal size


5.11 Operation overlord Patches 5.11 Op overlord Patches


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5.11 MultiCam TDU Pants (M)


5.11 MultiCam TDU Pants (M) Featuring our 5.11 MultiCam color pattern that reduces visibility in both visual and infrared light spectrums, the MultiCam TDU Pant offers superior tactical utility and reliable, low profile functionality across a broad range of mission theaters. Our TDU MultiCam Pants are built from lightweight 7 oz. poly/cotton ripstop fabric for [...]


5.11 Tactical bring you this high-quality Double AR magazine pouch. Made with both elastic cords and flaps for holding the magazines in place and can be attached to Molle and can have pouches attached to it with it's front facing Molle.

Magazine pouch

5.11 Flex Drop Pouch


A fantastic quality, light weight  and compact drop pouch from 5.11 Tactical, with plenty of space for empty magazines as well as a small pocket inside for smaller items and elastic retention cord

Admin And Utility Pouch

5.11 6.10 Vertical Pouch


Molle mounted vertical pouch ideal for carrying whatever accessories, tools and equipment you need on the field


Great pouch for carrying two AK magazines with the option for an open top or closed top design with a bungee retention system


The very popular Stryke pants by 5.11 Tactical are very flexible, water-resistant, and has loads of pockets for various accessories


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5.11 M-65 Jacket in Tundra (L)


5.11 M-65 Jacket in Tundra Purpose Built Originally released in 1965, the M-65 field jacket has proven itself on battlefields around the world. We’ve re-imagined the traditional M-65 design in a contemporary fitted cut, crafted from our legendary 6.14-oz. (208g/m²) 65% polyester / 35% cotton Taclite® ripstop fabric. Tougher and more comfortable than ever, the [...]


5.11 Tactical Stryke pant (Khaki) waist 34″ Leg 32″   Our newest multipurpose range pant, the Stryke Pant is crafted from 5.11® Flex-Tac® fabric, a specialized proprietary blend of mechanical stretch polyester and cotton engineered to provide extreme durability and performance in the field. A self-adjusting tunnel waistband, articulated knees, and a full gusseted crotch [...]


5.11 Tactical single pistol magazine pouch with the Slickstick molle system and an open top, bungee retention system

Airsoft Gun Bags

5.11 Single Pistol Case


A single pistol carry case designed to carry a pistol and 6 magazines in the elastic loops


5.11 Single 40mm Grenade Magazine Pouch Designed specifically for tactical and law enforcement agencies, the 40mm single Mag Pouch is engineered to provide reliable, consistent, and silent access to two standard 9mm magazines. Featuring a modular design and compatibility with MOLLE and 5.11 SlickStick™ webbing platforms, this high performance mag pouch offers a choice between [...]


The popular and lightweight XPRT boots by 5.11 exceed all expectations in terms of comfort and manoeuvrability.


Airsoft Tactical Rigs & Webbing

5.11 Brokos VTAC Belt Harness (Black)


Lightweight, low profile, and ready for action, the Brokos VTAC Harness was developed in partnership with Viking Tactics™ to provide a superior load bearing solution for law enforcement and tactical teams across the country. The Brokos Harness integrates perfectly with the 5.11 Brokos Belt, providing a stable and versatile structure for any tactical kit. Fully [...]

Rucksacks for Airsofting

5.11 Range Ready Bag


A perfect range bag by 5.11 tactical, the range ready bag is a great range bag full of pockets and compartments for several utilities you may need out on the range.

Tactical Pouches

5.11 Flex Admin Pouch


The 5.11 new flex range of pouches are very low profile and the admin pouch features various pockets and storage


5.11 1.75″ Double Duty TDU® Belt (S) – Black/Coyote The 5.11 1.75″ Double Duty TDU® Belt is a strong and dependable belt with a great build and will cope with all the stresses and strains of the job. The belt is made from strong nylon webbing with five layers of stitching and a reversable polymer buckle. The [...]


Military, Police & Security tactical equipment

5.11 Tactical produce military-grade uniforms, apparel and accessories. Their range of clothing is ideal for airsoft both in terms of authenticity and ruggedness. The have a unique and dynamic range of tactical clothing, plate carriers, chest rigs, pouches, belts and more.

TacTec Plate carriers & pouches

The 5.11 TacTec range boasts several different products in their line including lightweight plate carriers, low profile molle chest rigs and various molle pouches equipped with the Slickstick molle system. They are the flagship product line for 5.11 Tactical.

They manufacture pouches for MP5 magazines, AR Magazines, AK magazines, pistol magazines as well as med pouches, utility pouches, drop pouches and many more types. Each pouch is available in Black, Olive, Coyote, Multicam and their own Storm Grey colour.

Tactical rucksacks & carry equipment

5.11 Tactical produce various carry equipment including their Rush carry options, the most popular being the Rush 12, Rush 24 & Rush 72 rucksacks. Along with the Rush bags, they produce Range bags like the Range Ready and the Range Qualifier to store all your equipment for an airsoft event or on the shooting range.

Flex molle pouches

The 5.11 Tactical flex molle pouches are a newer line of tactical pouches. On the back is the Flex-HT TPU coated webbing system, which is full compatible with molle and has quick pull tabs for speedy removal. The pouch comes with two hook and loop adapters so you can attach it to velcro panels.

If you’re in the market for airsoft gear worthy of the US military, Security and Police forces, check out our range of 5.11 tactical products.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Not a problem, get in touch with us and we’ll see if we can order it in for you.