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Aim-o is an Airsoft brand that specialises in the production of tactical gun sights and accessories. The company is based in Hong Kong and was established in 2009. The Aim-O brand is known for its high-quality products, with the company offering a 1 year warranty on all of its products.

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Airsoft Red Dot & Holo Sights

Aim-O SP1 Red Dot Sight – Black


Aim-O Tactical Red Dot Sights

The Aim-O Tactical red dot sights are some of the most popular products in the Aim-O range. The sights are designed for use with Airsoft guns and are made from high quality materials. The sights are available in a variety of different sizes, with the largest sight aimed for use with airsoft rifles and shotguns.

One of the most popular red dot sights is the ACOG style sights, which are available in 4×32, 3.5×35 and 2.5×20 magnifications. The sights are made from aircraft grade aluminum and are fitted with an anti-glare coating. The sights also have a red dot reticle, which is perfect for target acquisition.

Aim-O Scope Accessories

Along with sights, Aim-O offers a range of essential airsoft accessories such as scopes and mounts, which can improve players ‘ game.

The company’s selection of airsoft scopes includes the red dot sight, which is perfect for fast target acquisition. The red dot sight has an illuminated reticle, which makes it perfect for use in low light conditions. The sight is also fog proof and shockproof, making it durable and long lasting.

Socom Tactical stock a good range of Aim-O products, which are perfect for players who are looking for high quality Airsoft gun sights and accessories.