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Airsoft Pro Reinforced TM VSR HopUp lever

Airsoft Pro

Browse through our selection of AirsoftPro parts for upgrading your airsoft sniper rifle. Get even sharper precision and better performance with these top-quality components!

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Upgrade Your VSR, L96 & M40 Sniper Rifles with AirsoftPro

Czech-based manufacturer AirsoftPro are popular for its affordable & innovative upgrade parts for various airsoft sniper rifles, including the VSR, L96 and M40.

For snipes who are serious about their airsoft game, AirsoftPro will help you take your performance to the next level. At Socom Tactical, we have a fantastic stock of AirsoftPro parts that are perfect for upgrading your rifle.

Our range includes various hop up chambers and rubbers, trigger units, springs, cylinders and tons more. Whatever sort of part you’re searching for, you’ll be able to find it here.

Our customers love the AirsoftPro brand because of its quality and affordability.

High-Quality CNC Hop Units

Airsoft Pro produces brilliant upgraded CNC hop units for several airsoft AEGs. 

The most notable is the new Airsoft Pro M249 CNC upgraded hop unit Gen 2, which tackles the huge feeding issue caused by the design of standard hop units.

They manufacture other upgraded hop units with greater air seal and consistency from the standard hop units for AEGs like the G36, M60, AUG, SCAR-H and many more.

Airsoft Pro also make some of the little bits which are harder to get hold of on standard AEGs, like the M4 hop unit barrel C-clip and even replacement motor adjustment screws for most modern style pistol grips.

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Take a look at our selection of AirsoftPro upgrade parts and make sure your airsoft sniper rifle is in peak condition. 

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Where is AirsoftPro Based?

AirsoftPro is a Czech-based manufacturer of high-performance airsoft upgrade parts.

Can I Customise My Sniper Rifle?

Yes, you can definitely customise your airsoft sniper. It’s a fantastic way to improve accuracy and performance, and AirsoftPro provides some of the very best upgrades.

What Should I Upgrade On My Airsoft Sniper?

One of the most common internal parts to upgrade on an airsoft sniper is the hop-up unit. Switching out the standard hop unit for an upgraded AirsoftPro unit can significantly improve accuracy and performance.

You can also upgrade the trigger, cylinder, piston or even the barrel on your airsoft gun.