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APS Airgun Ltd specializes in building Simulation Training Equipment, and has recently used their knowledge to step into the airsoft market. The APS Rhino Back-up Sights are constructed of a reinforced poly-fiber that makes them lightweight while still being very durable. They mount firmly to any standard rail system and lay locked in the flat [...]

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Grenade Launcher Moscart Shells

APS Hell Fire CO2 Moscart grenade 198 rounds


APS Hell Fire CO2 Moscart Grenade (198 Rounds) The APS Hell Fire is a great 40mm moscart shell for launching a whopping 198 bbs at your target and clearing rooms and corridors with ease.  The APS Hell Fire is made from CNC aluminium and the head is made from hard wearing polymer. The CO2 means [...]


APS Limited, formerly known as APS Airgun Ltd was established in 2001. APS specialize in designing and building Simulation Training Equipment (Real Action Markers & Powder Balls for training simulation). APS – the three words stand for Accuracy – Pneumatics – Shooting. With the knowledge and experience that has been gained from making Real Action Markers and Projectiles, we have launched a new product line – Electronic Blow Back (EBB) products to spur the current Airsoft Market. Even though our airsoft products are made in China, all the designs, quality control and Board of Directors are managed by Hong Kong Staff. That means our clients can purchase airsoft products at a low price (China made) but are also guaranteed a high quality item (Hong Kong Production Involved).

We have expanded our factory and are ready to manufacture a wider range of air gun products in the future. (Including Real Action Paintball Marker and its related steel BB product to match the current market needs.) APS Limited is ready to accept any challenge and promises to provide the same high quality products and services that have been the provided by APS Airgun Ltd in the past.