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Ares Amoeba Innovative Airsoft Guns & Accessories

ARES has been producing airsoft guns and various other products for over 10 years, ranging from automatic electric guns (AEGs), spring powered guns, grenade launchers, internal upgrade parts, external airsoft parts, various airsoft magazines and other accessories.

Their Amoeba range of airsoft guns are amongst the most popular in the industry, most notably, the Striker range. These airsoft sniper rifles come in various models and sizes, the AS01 which is the full size, the AS02 which is the mid length and the AS03, the most compact of the three. The Ares Striker magazines also come in three different sizes, with most combinations being compatible on across each platform.

The Amoeba AEG range were made popular by the AM-013 'Honey Badger' and the incorporation of the ARES EFCS gearbox system which allows the user to use a gearbox programmer and program the gearbox for burst fire and battery protection.

Unique Magazine Designs

ARES magazines are some of the most reliable and popular on the market due to their unique designs. Whether you're after high cap magazines, mid & low cap magazines or even box magazines, ARES makes it all and they make them with style. The AMAG series, for example, come in three different sizes and have various similarities to PTS Pmags. ARES even make two versions of their Amoeba M4 mid cap magazines, a polymer version and a cheaper ABS version.

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