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Balystik Airsoft

We stock an exciting range of HPA gear from Balystik Airsoft – from pressure regulators to braided hose lines, we’ve got it all!

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HPA - High pressure Air

Balystik HPR800C V2 HPA Regulator


HPA - High pressure Air

Balystik 13ci/0.2L 3000psi Steel Tank

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Keep the Pressure on With Balystik Airsoft Parts

Designed with precision and high-quality components for consistent output, Balystik are renowned for their accurate adjustability and reliability, ensuring optimal HPA performance.

We’ve selected a range of Balystik products to bring you some of the best HPA components from this brand.

Adjust Output & Entry Pressure With Balystik HPA Regulators

Balystik regulators are some of the best on the market, known for their superior accuracy and reliability. The Balystik HPR800C V2 Regulator is one of the most popular HPA regulators, featuring an adjustment key and aluminium cap with an integrated tournament lock system. It can keep up with high RPS set-ups, with entry pressures of 450-900 PSI.

We also stock the SMR200 HPA Regulator with a 40″ Macroflex Braided Hose. This super mini regulator comes with an integrated pressure gauge and can withstand high-pressure settings with entry pressure from 200 – 1500 psi!

Keep Things Flowing With Balystik Hoses & Tanks

As well as regulators, we also stock a range of Balystik hose lines to keep your input and output pressure flowing. The Balystik 8mm Deluxe Braided Line – 100 cm (US version) can be woven through your kit thanks to its superior flexibility and is compatible with most regulators with US fittings. It also features a 1/8 NPT female thread at one end to allow you to connect two lines easily to provide more reach.

Alongside regulators and hoses, we stock the new range of Balystik HPA tanks that come with an HP preset. This aluminium canister has a capacity of 0.8L and max pressure of 3000psi – providing powerful and reliable power.

Explore our range of Balystik products and order online today!


Our Balystik products are compatible across all HPA-powered guns or GBB builds that can cope with high RPS setups. If you have any questions on compatibility with your weapon, feel free to drop us a message.

Balystik hoses are designed to be compatible with most regulators that use US fittings, offering seamless integration and superior performance. However, it’s always advisable to check the specific product details or consult with our expert team for any compatibility concerns.

If you’re searching for a particular Balystik product, please give us a call or send us an email asking the question! We’re always happy to help where we can and may be able to source the part for you.