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Showing 22–22 of 22 results

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Heavy Weight Airsoft BBs

BLS 0.30g Airsoft BBs (3300)


A 1KG bag of BLS 0.30g airsoft BBs

BLS Airsoft Bbs UK

BLS are an industry leading airsoft bb manufacturer who offer top quality bbs at very good prices.

Standard weights

BLS bbs start from .20g and go from there including .23g, .25g, .28g and .30g. These also come in Bio and Tracer options as well.

Heavy weights

BLS also do heavy weight bbs which include .40g, .43g, .45g, .48g. Like the standard weights there are also Bio options available.


LIEN SHENG PLASTIC INDUSTRY CO.,LTD Airsoft BB pellet .established in 1991, developed Airsoft BB production in 1996. BLS is professional to ODM and OEM,