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Kit Out Your Loadout With CTM Airsoft

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re upgrading your gear, we have a wide range of CTM Airsoft products to fit every price range and playing style.

Gaining a tactical edge over your opponents starts with nabbing the right accessories for your loadout. With our CTM Airsoft range, we’ve got you covered with a killer selection of airsoft parts! Get locked and loaded for any scenario.

Power Comes From Within With CTM Airsoft Internal Parts

Making your gun look cool using body kits is a priority for many people in the airsoft community, but true power comes from within.

Our selection of CTM Airsoft internal parts ranges from nozzle and recoil spring sets to thread adapters to keep the inside of your gun working at its best. This helps your gun deliver powerful shots every time to keep you at the top of your game.

Don’t Get Beaten to the Draw With CTM Airsoft Selectors & Holsters

The difference between a win and a loss in airsoft can be milliseconds, so it’s safe to say every second counts. With the Imperial Custom AAP-01 Quick-Fire Selector, you can easily change your pistol’s selector from the outer rear bolt instead of having to reach under the bolt.

The CTM AAP-01 Holster is ideal for allowing quick access to your pistol. Designed to lock around the trigger guard, you can holster your gun with various accessories attached to save time and customise your loadout to your game.

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CTM Airsoft or CTM TAC, otherwise known as Creative Thoughts Manufacturer, are suppliers of high-quality accessories, internal parts, and upgrades to the airsoft community. The brand follows a user-centric focus to inform its innovative designs.

Within our selection of CTM Airsoft products, they are compatible with the AAP-01 pistol and the AP-7 SMG. Both of these guns are great choices for your next skirmish or MilSim. You can use CTM Airsoft products to create your ultimate airsoft gun.

CTM products are suitable for players of any experience because they are accessories and replacement parts. If you’re not familiar with customising, repairing or upgrading your gun, we recommend seeking advice before doing so.

Absolutely! We sell a range of replacement springs and body kits for airsoft guns made by CTM Airsoft. Whether you need a new recoil spring or you want to kit out your gun with a full body kit to make it feel more like your own weapon, we’ve got you covered at SoCom Technical.