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Showing 22–42 of 55 results

Airsoft Assault Rifles

Evolution E-416 CQB ETS III


Airsoft Assault Rifles

Evolution E-416 Carbine ETS III


Airsoft Assault Rifles

Evolution Recon S EMR S ETS III


Airsoft Assault Rifles

Evolution Recon S EMR ETS III


Airsoft Assault Rifles

Evolution Recon M EMR A ETS III


Airsoft Assault Rifles

Evolution Recon Superlite Commando


Electric Trigger System MOSFETS

Evolution International deliver a range of ETS MOSFETS, so let’s explain some of the keywords/features you may come across:

Evolution ETS Funtionality 2 pdf

Any rifles without ETS II or ETS III in the title will not have one installed as standard, but all of the gearbox shells are compatible with the ETS MOSFETs.

Evolution ETS II

The ETS II is the Electronic Trigger System II is one of the newer ETS by Evolution.

Now the original ETS has been discontinued the ETS II has replaced it as the standard MOSFET trigger system. The ETS II utilises a number of features using its microswitch system, including:

  • Configurable Fire Selector
  • Binary Trigger
  • Burst Mode
  • Ramping Full Auto
  • Active Brake
  • Sniper Delay
  • Low Voltage Detection

Evolution ETS III

The ETS III by Evolution is the higher end of their two ETS MOSFET systems installed in a number of their rifles.

They have more functions than the standard ETS II also use microswitch systems. These functions are as follows:

  • Configurable Fire Selector
  • Adjustable Trigger
  • Burst Mode
  • Pre-cocking
  • Ramping
  • Active Brake
  • Full Cycle Control
  • PWM RoF Control
  • Automatic LiPo, LiFe and Voltage Detection
  • Smart Trigger
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Battery Fail Safe

Carbontech & Superlite

evolution ghost banner

The Carbontech line of AEGs means they have a polymer receiver and any paired with Superlite means they have a polymer rail system to keep the cost down for beginners and smaller players.

Other features include:

  • 6.01mm Inner Barrel
  • Sector Gear Delayer
  • Reinforced Gearbox
  • Reinforced Steel Gears
  • 8mm Radial Bearings
  • Folding Battle Sights
  • Rotary Hop Chamber
  • Tool-Lees Access Motor Grip

Recon Range

evolution recon banner

The Recon series airsoft gun is built with a traditional-looking AR receiver and are available in Carbontech or full metal construction. They come with a 300-round high-cap magazine.

Ghost Range

evolution ghost banner

The Ghost series airsoft guns are built with a more enhanced and futuristic-looking AR receiver. They come with a 140-round Polymer mid-cap magazine.

EMR Codes

Product codes can often be confusing, so here we’ve broken down what the codes actually mean so you can be sure of choosing the correct gun. If in doubt, please contact our team who will be happy to help.


  • XS – Extra Short
  • S – Short
  • M – Medium
  • L – Long


  • A – Amplifier
  • S – Suppressor
  • (Blank) – Flash Hider


  • PDW – Short retractable PDW stock fitted
  • AX – Advanced Stock