Flash Bang Smoke

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Add some extra excitement and realism to your airsoft games with the help of Flash Bang Smoke grenades and projectiles. You’ll find smoke grenades, single and multi-bang mortars, Thunderflash, and more to create a fully immersive experience for games and training sessions. Check out the range today!

Showing all 11 results

Storm Your Enemy With Flash Bang Smoke

Whether you want to make your MilSims more realistic and immersive, or you want to make your training sessions more intense to improve your tactics, Flash Bang Smoke airsoft grenades are just the ticket.

Expanding your airsoft loadout is essential to keep that crucial edge over your opponents. Airsoft pyros, such as smoke grenades and flash bangs, help you improve your tactical decisions and give you more control over the skirmish terrain.

Confuse Your Opponents With Flash Bangs & Smoke Grenades

To achieve the realism sought by many airsofters, you need some additional special effects. Flashbangs and smoke grenades are the ideal way to make the battlefield feel more realistic and help confuse your opponents or increase your stealth.

Our FBS Dual Vent Smoke Grenade is the ideal way to conceal yourself as you move around the site or to make your opponents lose their bearings. The cool-burning white smoke was designed for the film industry. It’s non-toxic, and the double vents provide a much thicker smoke screen to allow for stealthy getaways or ambushes.

The FBS MK5 Thunderflash is another great option to disorient the enemy to prime them for a surprise attack.

Bring Your MilSim to Life With Flash Bang Smoke Mortar Rounds

MilSim airsoft sessions are all about the atmosphere. Smoke grenades can be great here, but single and multi-bang mortar rounds are the way to bring your session to life.

The FBS 38mm Mortar Round – Single Bang and the 38mm Mortar Round – Multi Bang are the perfect way to provide some additional special effects and make your session much more immersive. When you fire these mortar rounds, you’ll feel like you’re right in the thick of battle with your comrades.

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No. Flash Bang Smoke mortar rounds are single-use only. Once these consumables have been used, they must be discarded. This is because they have a single fuse in them. Make sure you have enough mortar rounds to meet your needs for a session.

The dual-vent smoke grenades disorient opponents by reducing their visibility to almost nothing. The closer you can get the grenade to the enemy, the better. This can cause confusion and allow you to move around undetected.

Flash Bang Smoke products are often not recommended for beginner airsoft players until they get to grips with the basics of playing. If pyrotechnics are not used properly, they can be dangerous – you should master the basics before moving on to Flash Bang Smoke products.